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The Hyperion XP-1 Could Prove That Hydrogen Is In and Battery-Electric Performance Is Out

Say what you want, but the Hyperion XP-1’s massive 1,000-mile range sounds beyond attractive

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The Hyperion XP-1 has literally been in the works for five years, after the then-five-year-old energy company released a very random teaser for a car with extreme supercar proportions. It was five years after that before we saw or heard anything else about it, which came in the form a revised teaser image with an even better-looking silhouette. Suddenly, in July of 2020, energy company, Hyperion, confirmed that the hydrogen-powered XP-1 hypercar was almost ready to enter the world with a new teaser video that really aroused our suspicion. And, the day has finally come, and Hyperion has revealed the XP-1 in all its glory with some rather outrageous claims. These claims, friends, say that the XP-1 could sprint to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and max out well beyond 200 mph. The projected range, however, could rattle the EV world as we know it!

The Hyperion XP-1 Could Change the Nature Of The Automotive Industry As We Know It!

After months of teasers (or years if you count the one teaser from way back in 2015), Hyperion has just revealed the XP-1 hypercar, and with it comes some outlandish but impressive promises for extreme performance. How extreme? Well, how does 1,016 miles of range on a single tank of hydrogen sound? Pretty good, right? Well, if you like that, then you’ll like the idea of getting to 60 mph in under 2.2 seconds and the estimated top speed of more than 221 mph (356 kph).

Little technical specs about the XP-1 are known at this point, but we do know that it is all-wheel drive and features a three-speed transmission.
Hyperion XP-1 specifications
Range 1,016 miles
Top Speed 221 mph
0 to 60 mph 2.2 seconds
Weight 2,275 lbs
The Hyperion XP-1 Could Prove That Hydrogen Is In and Battery-Electric Performance Is Out Exterior
- image 928495

The mention of that three-speed transmission, however, makes it hard to guess how many motors it might have. One motor with a typical transfer case setup almost seems like the only logical setup – think of a typical Subaru AWD set up with an electric motor instead of an engine, for example. Then again, there could be two or four motors with multiple transmissions that are in-sync with one another. Either way, this is one mystery that we’re curious to learn more about.

Light Weight Is the Name of the Hyperion XP-1’s Game

The Hyperion XP-1 Could Prove That Hydrogen Is In and Battery-Electric Performance Is Out Exterior
- image 928493
According to Hyperion, the XP-1 is capable of running more than 1,000 miles on one take of hydrogen
And it tips the scales at just 2,275 pounds

It’s probably not surprising that the XP-1 is a light vehicle.

With being lightweight a main focus of the car’s design, Hyperion was able to keep the curb weight in check and somewhere below 2,275 pounds (about 1,250 kg).

A lot of this comes thanks to the XP-1’s carbon-titanium monocoque chassis with titanium-reinforced composting bodywork, but can also be attributed to carbon fiber hydrogen tanks. The bodywork also contributes to some other cool functions too. The flying buttresses behind the doors, for example, are active aerodynamic elements that adjust to improve high-speed cornering while they also function as solar panels than can change direction. The latter part of that statement can help reduce the demand for hydrogen a bit as that solar power can be converted into power for the electric motors as well.

Final Thoughts

The Hyperion XP-1 Could Prove That Hydrogen Is In and Battery-Electric Performance Is Out Exterior
- image 928503
The company promises that it’ll get you to 60 mph in less than 2.2 seconds
And will continue sprinting all the way up to 221 mph before it’s finally had enough.

At this point, I’d love to tell you more about the XP-1’s interior, but I can’t say a whole lot. In the short video that you saw above, we only get a glimpse. Most of that glimpse is dominated by a 98-inch curved screen that allows for touch-free gesture controls and the wrap-around glass canopy. If you’re curious about the feasibility of a hydrogen-powered hypercar like this, well Hyperion, which is an energy company, says it has a “plan to revolutionize the hydrogen refueling industry.” So, as it turns out, a company that has flown under the radar for most of the last decade could deliver one hell of a hydrogen-powered hypercar and potentially make wide-spread hydrogen availability a possibility. If that’s the case, hydrogen-powered vehicles might seem a little more feasible than ever before.

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