• The Inkas Superior Is Made for Military and Law Enforcement but we Want One

This beast is here to help the wounded

Canada-based Inkas is known to armor passenger cars; but did you know it also manufactures vehicles for military and law-enforcement agencies? Their latest offering is the Armored Personnel Carrier/Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle. The name is self-explanatory – this is a vehicle that serves many purposes while tackling hostile environments.

What Is It For?

The vehicle is specially built to transport personnel during rescue operations on all kinds of terrain. Its core idea is to keep the occupants safe when passing through rough terrains and unsafe environments, thanks to its Ballistic Level 7 armor.

This vehicle can transport up to 14 personnel or up to 2 personnel and 6 wounded passengers.

The Inkas Superior’s modular platform allows the fitting of an array of additional components for specific uses.

The Inkas Superior is equipped with unique features like a hydraulic rear ramp system that facilitates the loading and unloading of wounded passengers, and an upgraded optics package with PTZ infrared and thermal imaging. The vehicle also packs drivetrain and suspension modifications that purportedly allow it to operate in all kind of conditions that would usually pose a problem.

Under The Hood

The Inkas Superior Is Made for Military and Law Enforcement but we Want One
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This 4x4 beast has a six-cylinder diesel engine that produces 330 horses and 950 pound-feet of torque.

Despite weighing 33,000 lbs, the Inkas Superior has a top speed of 81 mph.

It also features a fifth-generation Allison 3000 push-button transmission, 10,000lb-ft rated transfer case, and an electro-hydraulic fuel system. As a result of all this equipment, Inkas claims the Superior outperforms other similarly-sized vehicles “in terms of both mobility and dependability.” The targeted clientele includes paramilitary, law enforcement agencies, and peacekeeping operations.

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