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Mercedes-Benz has dropped another short teaser video for the EQC, the company’s first-ever all-electric model. The new teaser gives us our first look at the model’s interior, revealing a host of new technologies we haven’t seen from any Mercedes model in the past. The new teaser is the third of its kind for the EQC, following similar teaser videos of the model’s front and rear sections. The Mercedes EQC is scheduled to make its official debut on September 4.

Mercedes’ latest teaser for the EQC electric crossover is the most provocative one we’ve seen yet. The EQC’s interior has been shrouded in mystery, hidden from the lenses of spy photographers that have given us a good amount of test mule photos of the crossover to last us a lifetime. But the EQC’s interior has been a different story, at least until now.

There are a few takeaways here, one of which is that Mercedes actually adopted one of the most significant features of the Generation EQ, the concept from which the production EQC can trace its roots.

The extended, single-piece display for the instrument cluster and infotainment system is hard to miss in the teaser video.

It’s probably the first thing you noticed, too.

It’s notable the equipment was one of the showcase pieces of the Generation EQ’s interior. That Mercedes actually used it on the production model speaks to how far it’s come in developing the technology it can properly use on one of the most important models it’s rolling out in recent years.

The Interior of the Mercedes EQC is Downright Stunning
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That said, the teaser video also reveals a more traditional interior layout.

The center stack is still present in the model — the Generation EQ didn’t have any — and it’s populated by the usual suspects: lots and lots of buttons. The subtle backlights spread throughout the cabin also gives it a more expensive feel. Ditto for the piano black plastic in the center. It’s a nice touch that’s probably not going to stay clean very long. But that’s a problem for another day.

The EQC’s interior is head-turning in a lot of ways. I suppose that’s what we should expect from a model that Mercedes has a lot riding on.

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