Expect the facelifted F-Type to get its paws dirty during its debut

The new Jaguar F-Type is nearing its début, and Jaguar was kind enough to drop a six-second teaser of the facelifted F-Type, complete with a hint of involvement from Hot Wheels. The official unveiling takes place on December 2, and while the specific details on what’s going to happen remain unclear, it does look like Jaguar wants us to think that Hot Wheels will be prominently involved in it. Is it possible that the new F-Type will perform some kind of stunt in its own début? It’s not unchartered territory considering the relationship history between Jaguar and Hot Wheels.

2021 Jaguar F-Type Teaser Video

The teaser video that Jaguar released lasted all but six seconds. It was done before it even started. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced to the point that the “pause” button does wondrous things. We managed to pause the video a few times to see the new F-Type appearing on the screen.

We got to see the sports coupe’s side profile, which looks predictably similar to the current F-Type.

Past spy shots that we’ve seen barely showed anything new or different in this section of the car. We also got to glimpse the part of the Jag’s red LED taillight that bleeds into the rear quarter panel. Nothing appears to be different so we can expect the rest of the LED taillights to look relatively the same as the ones that are on the current model.

Very little from what we saw with the new F-Type counts as wholesale changes. It is ironic because the most noteworthy part about the teaser video wasn’t the car itself, but the presence of a Hot Wheels track resting comfortably on the floor. It’s as clear a sign as any that Jaguar and Hot Wheels are cooking something in time for the facelifted F-Type’s debut next week.

Jaguar and Hot Wheels - That’s Not an Unsurprising Partnership

The Jaguar F-Type Launches on December 2, But What Does Hot Wheels Have to Do With It? Exterior Spyshots
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Back in 2015, Jaguar unveiled the F-Pace for the very first time, and part of the SUV’s debut included a stunt where it was driven on a 19.08-meter tall loop. Hot Wheels wasn’t directly involved in the stunt, but the stunt was conceived by Jaguar global communications boss Rich Agnew’s fascination with his child’s Hot Wheels loop. Interestingly enough, a similar stunt was performed a few days ago at the 2019 Riyadh Car Show by driver Terry Grant, the same man who drove the F-Pace around the loop Jaguar constructed four years ago. The vehicle Grant drove in this far more recent stunt, which, by the way, Hot Wheels was involved in? A Jaguar F-Pace.

Two years after Grant drove the F-Pace during the SUV’s debut, Jaguar performed another death-defying stunt. This time, it was the E-Pace, and unlike the F-Pace’s earlier stunt, this particular stunt aimed to get the electric crossover to perform a barrel roll.

The Jaguar F-Type Launches on December 2, But What Does Hot Wheels Have to Do With It? Exterior Spyshots
- image 847516

Both stunts ended up being successful, though it is worth pointing out that the E-Pace’s barrel, just like the F-Pace’s loop run, did not involve Hot Wheels. This brings us to the Jaguar F-Type’s upcoming debut, which actually may or may not involve Hot Wheels. The sight of the Hot Wheels track on the six-second teaser video points to some form of involvement from the toy car company, but it could also be an easter egg that Jaguar placed in the video to hint at another theatrical stunt that’s about to go down featuring the facelifted F-Type.

There's also the possibility that separate from the actual stunt, Jaguar and Hot Wheels have collaborated to create a special edition scaled rendition of the 2021 F-Type.

This isn’t the first time Hot Wheels has partnered with an automaker to create a special edition toy car. Remember the time Chevrolet and Hot Wheels teamed up to create a special edition Camaro? History could repeat itself this time around.

What do we know about the 2021 Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type Launches on December 2, But What Does Hot Wheels Have to Do With It? Exterior Spyshots
- image 847523
The 2021 Jaguar F-Type could represent the biggest change to the F-Type since it first burst into the scene.

Jaguar has so far done a good job keeping mum about the facelifted F-Type, but we’ve pieced together what we know about the 2021 F-Type a few speculative bits that may or may not happen.

  • Visual changes are coming - The 2021 Jaguar F-Type will feature a slew of aesthetic upgrades. Some design details are expected to be more prominently different than others, but putting them all together is expected to create a new look for the F-Type, even if the overall profile won’t deviate too much away from the current setup.
  • New headlamps and taillights - Arguably the biggest change in the Jaguar F-Type’s design is the car’s lighting composition. While not overly significant, spy photos of the 2021 F-Type revealed headlights that appear to stretch more horizontally toward the corners. Similarly, the taillamps have also been reimagined to the extent that it doesn’t look as extended as it does in the current model. The lamps still bleed into the rear quarter panel, but it doesn’t look like it’s as stretched on the other end as it is in today’s model.
  • It’s still largely the same F-Type - Small details like the vents on the front fenders look like they’ll remain in the 2021 F-Type. More significant is the roofline, which also looks about the same as the one in the current F-Type.
  • Interior in line for some updates - At this point, photos of the facelifted F-Type’s interior haven’t popped up as much as spy shots of the car doing test runs. That said, we are expecting mild updates to come, particularly with the F-Type’s infotainment system. A slightly tweaked dashboard could also be on the cards, as is a revised steering wheel.
  • Lots of style and comfort - On the side of comfort, the facelifted F-Type could also receive sportier seats with ample amounts of leather and Alcantara throughout its surfaces. An array of options will likely be available again, allowing prospective customers to dress up their 2021 F-Types in the manner that suits them.
  • Lighter than before — The current Jaguar F-Type is a powerful car, but it lags in performance tests relative to other sports cars in its segment because it’s heavy. Expect Jaguar to address that by subjecting the 2021 F-Type to a proper automotive diet. Don’t be surprised if the new F-Type is 500 pounds lighter than the current model.
  • Same engines, more power — Coinciding with the weight loss is the likelihood that the F-Type’s current lineup of four- and six-cylinder engines will be massaged to offer more power, including the entry-level four-cylinder F-Type, which could finally have more than 300 horsepower at its disposal. It’s not much of an increase from the current 296-horsepower output, but the optics surrounding it will be significant.
  • BMW in the mix — The BMW- Jaguar collaboration has gotten people excited over what it could mean for the 2021 F-Type. There has been speculation about a potential collaboration, including one that directly affects the new F-Type. One particularly interesting bit is the introduction of BImmer’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine on the top-spec versions of the F-Type, specifically the R Coupe and the SVR Coupe. Not only does this engine shift open the doors to a possible power increase, but the shift from a supercharged engine to a turbocharged one will also affect the coupe’s overall driving dynamics.
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