Better bring your polarized sunglasses!

There’s plenty to love about the Jaguar F-Type SVR. From its 575-horsepower supercharged V-8 and fantastic handling to its leather-lined cabin and intricate detailing. But there’s one aspect the F-Type seems inadequate in: its laughably small sun visors.

The little sun blockers measure about three to four inches in height when “deployed,” only shading your eyes if the sun is in a narrow section of the sky. What’s worse, the visors don’t rotate to block sun at the side windows. This leaves the driver with either burning retinas or fending for himself with a pair of sunglasses.

For those consumed with vanity, the visors’ mirrors are even more laughable. Their surface area is probably no bigger than a business card. There’s also no light that comes on, forcing you to use the reading light located above the rearview mirror.

This isn’t just some oversight by Jaguar’s interior engineers, however. The visors’ shape is dictated by the roofline and the narrow opening of the windshield. See, Jaguar uses the same visors in the F-Type coupe as it does the convertible. With the drop-top down, it’s clear to see why the visors aren’t larger. They’d stick out past the windshield hoop.

Perhaps Jag should use different visors for the coupe. Perhaps it’s just a small, nit-picky inconvenience that’s not even worth worrying about. After all, the visors hardly spoiled by week’s time in the F-Type SVR. Be sure to read my full review on the car here.


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