Wayalife YouTube channel is all about the Jeep JK, friends, and wheeling

Ever head that saying, “It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand?” Well this two-part video series from Wayalife is a full immersion experience into the lifestyle of a modern Jeep Wrangler JK owner. No, this isn’t about mall crawling or fighting the dreaded “death wobble,” but rather a fun-filled trip to Moab, Utah with a gaggle of heavily modified Wrangler JKs fill with good friends.

The group starts small on easier trails, allowing the newer members of the group to grow accustomed to Moab’s hard-core wheeling. The trails get insanely tougher the deeper into the desert, however, pitting rocks and ravines against 40-inch tires, locked differentials, and nerves of steel.

I won’t spoil the videos for you, so sit back, relax, and enjoy. Both part one and part two can be found by clicking “continue reading.”

MOAB – FORK YEAH: a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure – Part 1

MOAB – FORK YEAH: a WAYALIFE Epic Trex Adventure – Part 2

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