Just nine months – now that’s pretty crazy for an automaker with an empty garage

The Karma SC1 Concept was one of the coolest – if not the coolest – cars at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. It was showcased next to the new Karma’s only, to this date, production model, but it stood out way more thanks to its crazy flamboyancy, butterfly doors – yes; those are still a thing – and some pretty crazy tech. That tech, by the way, included 5G connectivity and a “humanized communication system.” But, it wasn’t really any of this that really made the SC1 so cool. In fact, the car is very deceiving.

The SC1 Concept was designed to showcase Karma’s future design language, and the biggest deception of all is that excessively long hood that, without a doubt, screams “I’m hiding a BIG V-12.” But, sadly – and maybe even surprisingly – that wasn’t the case. In fact, this rolling interpretation of the future didn’t have anything under the hood. Since it is a “vision” car, we speculated that it’s probably packing a pretty intense electric drive system; one that’s probably good for anywhere between 700 and 900 horsepower. But, the world will never know. Still, there’s something more that makes a car like this, with all that 5G, humanized connectivity, special.

It’s the fact that it was built, from the ground up, in just 9 months. And, that’s been done by a company that has next to no lineup and is still clawing its way from the ashes that resulted from the Henrik Fisker mishap. Now, just a month or so after the SC1’s debut, Karma has released a whole collection of videos to showcase just how such an intense car was built to perfection (minus the drivetrain, of course) in just 9 months. Check the serious out below!

Making the Karma SC1 in Just 9 Months

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