Apparently, this is how Caterham plans to have a second electric model

Fresh from the wild land of Bulgaria comes the Kinetik 07, a two-seater, road-legal, track car that’s not only electric but rides on top of Caterham underpinnings. Right now, the Kinetik 07 is merely a prototype, but it was revealed among a group of potential investors and could, one day, be Bulgaria’s first zero-emission sports car. The dynamic of the car – outside of unique look and lack of a roof, lies in its capabilities and ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

The Kinetic 07 – Good for the Track and the Road

Riding on a lightweight platform by Caterham, you’d expect this electric toy to be fast, but it’s actually incredibly fast and torque. According to the creator, it can sprint to 62 mph in as little as 2.7 seconds.

We’re talking about the base model here, too; the one with 644 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

Little has actually be said about the Kinetik 07 at this point, but here’s a pretty simple explanation of what it’s capable of:

“It’s like driving a sports car in different worlds where different physical laws apply,” the company’s founder Teodosiy Teodosiev and lead designer Kostadin Kostadinov explain. “That’s how we describe driving our road legal track toy. Usually, the dynamics of the car is a two-dimensional story. In our case is a multilayered novel. You can switch from hub motors to full rear power and enter in another dynamic dimension. Yes, most probably you haven’t experienced anything like this before behind a steering wheel.”

The Kinetik 07 Is Said to Offer Trans-dimensional Driving Dynamics Exterior
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So, it sounds like the car features hub motors to provide your normal day-to-day get up for road use while the flick of a switch activates a larger, rear motor that – essentially – puts this baby in track mode.

Apparently, most of the car’s built-in software was developed in house, and most of the components used (outside of the chassis, we assume) in the 07’s construction are unique to the car; some 90-percent to be more specific.
The Kinetik 07 Is Said to Offer Trans-dimensional Driving Dynamics Exterior
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As you can imagine, the interior is pretty minimalistic as the company wanted the main focus to be on the customizable display. According to the company, this screen can work in several different modes, but none of them are like your modern-day infotainment systems. The system is designed to provide only needed information at a glance in an attempt to aid the driving experience as opposed to distracting from it. A small series of seven cars are planned for production, but we’re pretty sure that depends on how things went with those potential investors that we mentioned earlier.

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