Those aero bits are all everywhere

We already know that Lamborghini has big plans for the Aventador’s swan song. What we didn’t know was that those plans include building what might very well be the most ridiculous Lamborghini ever built. New spy photos of the car known as the Aventador Performante show some incredible design details, none more significant than the ridiculous amount of aerodynamic bits that the Italian automaker somehow fit into the supercar’s body.

It’s hard to make them all out with all the swirly camouflage, but if you look closer, you’ll see them in full bloom. The front section, for example, features a more dynamic interpretation of the tiered bumper and splitter combo that the updated Aventador introduced. The air intakes and the aero slits also look to have been revised. It’s a similar story in the side section where the side air intakes look larger, and side skirts look wider.

As fascinating as these observations are, the real magic happens in the rear section of the Aventador Performante. “Stunning” isn’t even a word I’d use to describe it. The diffuser sitting in the bottom section of the rear is ridiculous beyond compare. The exhaust setup appears to be similar to the Huracan Performante. And then there’s the rear wing, which is not only huge but actually adopts a strange design as well. I can’t tell if the lower part of the wing are brackets or uprights, but they do extend outward diagonally, then horizontally where they meet with the wing’s endplates. None of Lamborghini’s past creations, including limited-run versions like the Veneno, Aventador J, and Centenario have wings like this. It’s also worth mentioning that earlier spy photos of the Aventador Performante came without it. For better or worse, this new rear wing configuration is worthy of its own headline.

There’s no word yet on when Lamborghini plans to launch the Aventador Performante, but with the Aventador itself nearing its last legs, don’t be surprised if the Performante version makes its debut sometime this year.


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