The E-Type was the defining car for Jaguar. The sexy sports car kept Jaguar on the kid’s bedroom walls for fourteen years. But when production ended in 1975, that wasn’t the last chapter in the story. There were still spare parts at the Jaguar factory in England. They were sold off to a man who had plans for the spares. Unfortunately time caught up with the man, and the parts remained in storage.

In steps Ray Parrot, a self-taught restorer and Jaguar fanatic. He bought the remaining parts, which included a new roadster body, new drivetrain and even original tires. By Parrot’s tally, he had 95 percent of the parts needed to build a Series III E-Type that was brand new and usually still in its original wrapping.

Unlike a restoration job, Parrot had very little trouble installing parts because they were straight from the assembly line. The final car was a black roadster with tan interior. Much of this was dictated by the color already on the original parts.

Before Parrot stated his build of his new from 1975 E-Type, he was in contact with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (the British agency in charge of vehicles) to make sure that his car would be given a period registration number and chassis number to insure this would be a true 1975 car. So once he gets the official registration, Parrot will be responsible for raising the production number of the E-Typer from 72,529 to an even 72,530.

The car was completed in 2005, truly making it the last Jaguar E-Type.


Source: Octane

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