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These days automakers and corporations have just as many leaky holes as the U.S. Government. And, we’re not even kidding. How many “leaks” have we seen of cars just days before the debut in the past 12 months? It’s honestly starting to become commonplace. And, that’s why we’re here as just hours after the Lego Technic Buggati Chiron kit was teased. It turns out that someone couldn’t wait to share the kit with us and has decided to leak out an image of the box.

We can’t see the full box, unfortunately, but what we can see gives us insight into the most essential information. First, we know what it looks like. It’ll carry the traditional dual shades of blue and will apparently feature that light tan interior. There are even tiny square Lego pieces to make up the LED headlights up front – now that’s attention to detail. Furthermore, it will carry the set No. 42083 and will come in a total of 3,599 pieces. That’s nearly 900 pieces more than included with the 911 GT3 RS and more than enough to keep you busy for a while.

That 911 GT3 RS Lego kit, by the way, retails for $299, so you can probably expect to shell out even more for the Chiron. We’re guessing it’ll carry a price tag somewhere in the $375 to $400 range, but this is Bugatti we’re talking about so it could even go for more and people would buy it up like it’s going out of style. Speaking of going out of style, Motor1 reports that the GT3 RS Lego kit will be pulled off shelves at the end of 2018 as it heads into its peaceful retirement. That means unopened kits will increase in value and they’ll be harder to get by the turn of the year.


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