• The Lexus LC Inspiration Concept Looks Beautiful in Los Angeles

So yellow!

If you’re at the2018 Los Angeles Auto Showand you spot a yellow car somewhere, there’s a big chance that it’s the Lexus LC500 Inspiration concept. Although it sounds rather fancy, this show car is pretty much a production LC500 with a few extras. And it’s not even new, as it was unveiled back in August 2018. So what’s it doing in L.A.? Grabbing your attention, that’s what!

Although it’s not a concept car in the actual sense, the LC500 Inspiration is definitely an attention grabber. That’s mostly because it’s finished in Flare Yellow, a color that Lexus is already offering on the LC500 Yellow Edition in Europe. Actually, the LC500 Inspiration is a Yellow Edition model at heart.

Extra features compared to the regular LC include a darker carbon-fiber roof and active rear spoiler, 21-inch black wheels in a unique design, and yellow accents inside the cabin.

It also sports yellow Alcantara door inserts and yellow stitching. Again, features also found inside the Euro-spec Yellow Edition model.

Lexus probably won’t open the hood of the LC500 Inspiration, but rest assured, there are no extras in there. The concept features the same 5.0-liter V-8 engine as the standard model, with the same 471-horsepower and 398-pound-foot rating. Well, at least it’s yellow. You don’t see too many yellow cars on auto show floors nowadays.

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