• The Lexus LF-1 Limitless Is the Ultimate Luxury Crossover

Just a concept for now, but who knows?

The late 2010s is a great era for SUVs. The market is crazy about them and automakers are rushing to build them in all shapes and sizes. High-performance, luxury SUVs are gaining traction too, with companies like Bentley, Porsche, and Lamborghini having already joined the market, with Rolls-Royce to follow shortly. Lexus has been offering premium haulers for quite a few years now, but its latest concept vehicle takes things up a notch in just about every department. Meet the LF-1 Limitless, a crossover with a cheesy name but with great looks.

The LF-1’s design is quite familiar and shares many styling cues with existing Lexus production models. The "spindle" grille for instance is very similar to what you can find in showrooms, although the upper corners extend farther around the engine hood. It’s the headlamps that are different, now featuring just the edges of the current Z-shaped Lexus lights. But it’s the profile that makes the LF-1 one of the sexiest crossovers I’ve seen in a very long time. Yes, crossover not SUV, because it’s smaller than the RX and definitely sleeker. The very long hood, short front overhang, and long rear overhang are among the features that make it stand out. While these come with rear-wheel-drive architecture, the coupe-like roof and the sloping rear window are Lexus’ way of saying that the Limitless wants to "impersonate" a sedan and a shooting brake as well.

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Limitless Power Options

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless Is the Ultimate Luxury Crossover Interior
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The concept is packed with tech, including hands-free operation in Chauffeur mode and four-dimensional navigation

The rear fascia is unique even when compared to the wildest SUV out there. The split tailgate spoiler, the slim taillights that seem to flow across the fascia, the masive vertical vents in the bumper, and the sporty rear diffuser are signs of a performance oriented drivetrain under the skin. Unfortunately, Lexus isn’t very specific when it comes to power options, saying that the crossover is limitless when it comes to drivetrains too, so it could be powered by "fuel cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gasoline, or even all-electric" systems.

The interior is just as cool as the exterior. While most of the surfaces are simple and clean, the area around the instrument cluster looks a tad more futuristic. It’s like Lexus doesn’t want to overwhelm potential customers with a complicated lines and features, but still wants to give the LF-1 that exotic look. There display behind the dashboard is big enough to become a home cinema, while the door panels have a sparkly lighting pattern around the handle. It’s like Rolls-Royce’s Starlight headlines, but on the doors instead of the ceiling. The champagne-colored trims that matches the exterior is a nice touch, as is the multi-colored leather on the dash, seats, and center console.

The concept crossover is packed with tech, including hands-free operation in Chauffeur mode, a four-dimensional navigation system that can make hotel reservations, rear seat entertainment, and touch-responsive haptic controls.

Will it Go into Production?

The Lexus LF-1 Limitless Is the Ultimate Luxury Crossover Exterior
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The LF-1 will probably slot between the RX and LX in terms of size

We might not see the LF-1 go into production very soon, but Lexus will probably do something with it in a couple of years or so. A flagship crossover is my best bet, but don’t expect it to become a replacement for the LX. Sure, it might inspire the LX’s future design, but I think the LF-1 will slot between the RX and LX in terms of size. It will be the most luxurious SUV with a Lexus badge, but with a sportier attitude and a sleeker design.

With sedan losing serious ground against SUVs in recent years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the LF-1 replace the LS. I know, it seems a bit silly with the LS being the company’s most iconic model, but the market changes fast and Lexus needs to keep up with the times. But it’s too early to make predictions. We will know for sure in 2019.


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