• The Lights on Ken Block’s SVC F-150 Raptor Will Turn Your Retinas Into Swiss Cheese

With 300,000 Lumens on the Front of His F-150 Raptor, Ken Block Could Guide Airplanes On The Darkest of Nights

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If you scroll down our page dedicated to the legendary Ken Block, you’ll quickly notice one thing: Outside of being an epic drifter, this is a man that loves his Fords. Most recently, he’s looking to dominate the Projekt E Series with an all-electric Ford Fiesta and he’s even gone so far as to put a Ford Raptor Engine Inside a Supra boat of all things. That Supra boat is also graciously towed by none other than a Ford F-150 Raptor, but this isn’t any raptor – it’s one that’s been tuned beyond reason by off-road tuner SVC. Now, Ken Block has done some crazy custom lighting work and, well, let’s just say that they can probably watch him Baja that F-150 Raptor at night from the International Space Station.

Ken Blocks Ford F-150 Raptor by SVC Just Got a Major Lumen Upgrade

The Lights on Ken Block's SVC F-150 Raptor Will Turn Your Retinas Into Swiss Cheese Exterior
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Block’s F-150 Raptor by SVC is pretty freaking awesome, especially now that it’s been thoroughly worked over once again by SVC to make it even better.

This was; apparently, something Block decided to do while he was bored during quarantine. I eat the whole time, and he pays SVC to make his truck better – we’re totally not the same. But, I digress. The point is that his F-150 Raptor is cooler and more capable than ever, but it still lacks one major thing: light.

The Lights on Ken Block's SVC F-150 Raptor Will Turn Your Retinas Into Swiss Cheese Exterior
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I won’t go into the details about the science of lighting on rally cars – Ken does a good job of that in the video – but those stock headlights on the F-150 are, well, crap. So, in order to shine some more light on the situation (and make himself visible from space while in the desert), Block has added a whole plethora of light bars and special LEDs to the front of his truck. The results are downright crazy, and in the end, it just goes to show how little you can actually see at night and why all those extra lights on rally cars are so important.

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