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Now you can add the Hybrid Kinetic and its Pininfarina-penned H600 to that list

The term “Chinese money” is being thrown around a lot these days as it relates to startup electric car manufacturers. Some like Faraday Future are already teetering to the point of collapse while others like Lucid Motors are still on the right side of the fence. Then there’s Hybrid Kinetic, a company not many of us here in the West have heard of but recently made headlines due to its attendance at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Remember the

designed H600 Concept that we saw in Geneva? Well, that’s Hybrid Kinetic’s concept vehicle and according to the company, it won’t be a concept for too long.

HK board member Carter Yeung recently made the proclamation to Automotive News about the concept’s future as a production model, before adding a few nuggets of information regarding the future of the car. According to Yeung, the production model of the H600 will be largely based - around 85 to 90 percent - on the concept that we saw in Geneva from a purely aesthetic point of view. It’s also going to feature electric motors, which will combine to produce as much as 804 horsepower through a battery pack that can be recharged even as the car is on-the-move, all thanks to micro turbine range extender that the company is developing.

And if any of those items aren’t ambitious enough, Yeung also added that Hybrid Kinetic has a long-term goal of building “well over” 200,000 vehicles per year within five to 10 years. Can’t say that the company isn’t short-changing us on its promises, can you?

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We’ve seen this story before

2017 Pininfarina H600
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Ah, yes. Another Chinese start-up is promising a great many things to the auto industry. If you’ve seen, read, or heard this script before, it’s because you’re not the only one. Faraday Future laid out its grandiose plan before and Lucid Motors laid out their grandiose plans before, as have so many others. Hybrid Kinetic though probably doesn’t care that much about this perception because it’s bullish on its plans to build a production version of the H600 concept. More than that, the company is even calling its own shot, saying that the the all-electric luxury sedan could be ready to hit U.S. shores by the end of the decade.

Is it realistic? That’s a question that only time - and a whole lot of money - will tell. For now, the company is taking the necessary steps to create a streamlined process of production. For instance, the plan now calls for the cars to be produced in China, at least after an initial trial production run takes place at Pininfarina’s headquarters in Italy.

As far as the H600 is concerned, the production model is expected to come with an all-aluminium chassis, a four-seat interior, and a trunk space that’s good enough to carry 500 liters of storage. It’s also going to come with a steady diet of technology, including torque vectoring, an energy recycling system, and what Hyper Kinetic describes as a “super battery” that allows a total range of over 621 miles in the New European Driving Cycle. There’s no specific timetable yet on when these production runs will start, but seeing as the company has already made a promise to have them in the US by 2020, it should be reasonable to think that there are already steps being taken to get the project off the ground as we speak.

For now, Hybrid Kinetic is also tuning its focus on unveiling a pair of other cars at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month. Whether they’re connected to the H600 or are totally different concepts entirely is still unknown. We will find out though, just as we did when the Pininfarina-designed, all-electric luxury sedan made its debut in Geneva a few weeks ago.

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Source: Automotive News

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