• The Lister Storm Got Teased on Twitter and We Want to See More of It

Patience is the key here, but we’d love a challenger for the Lotus Evija

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It looks like everybody wants to build an electric supercar these days, and more often than not, it’s small brands that come forward such ambitious plans. This time, we hear that Lister, a company that made big waves recently for its tuning work on some of Jaguar’s models, is en route to churning out a fully electric supercar.

Lister has deep motorsport roots

Back in the 1950s, Lister was one of Britain’s hottest racing car companies, managing to enrol legendary drivers such as Archie Scott Brown and Stirling Moss as well as getting the official backing of then-Jaguar-boss Sir William Lyons.

Now, you might remember Lister’s more recent creations, such as the LFT-666 (available in both coupé and cabriolet attires), essentially two modded, V-8-powered, also limited-edition Jaguar F-Types tuned to produce 666 horsepower.

But other than tuning cars, Lister also wants a piece of the all-electric super sports car pie. How do we know? The company tweeted a rather cryptic message together with a sketch of what Lister describes as “Lister EV super car research.” We know, the description’s not helping, right?

All we get is a side shot of a very sleek body of what could be an all electric race car of sorts, judging from the huge front splitter/rear diffuser duo and the vertical fin on its back.

It could also be a street-legal car but heavily focused on track driving, just like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, for example, but powered by electric motors instead of a naturally-aspirated V-12.

Think more in the lines of Lotus Evija and Rimac Concept Two.

The Lister Storm Got Teased on Twitter and We Want to See More of It
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Funny thing, though: AutoExpress reports that the Storm name is a nod back to the original Lister Storm, a GT racing car that packed a 7.0-liter, Jaguar-sourced V-12 engine tuned to produce 546 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of twist.

And since we mentioned the likes of Rimac Concept Two and Lotus Evija, it’s pretty obvious that Lister’s electric supercar will have tough competition to beat.

The Evija promises a target power output of 1,971 horsepower from four electric motors, while the Concept Two will rely on 1,888 horsepower produced by four independent, permanent-magnet e-motors.

The Lister Storm Got Teased on Twitter and We Want to See More of It
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That said, we’d normally expect Lister to aim at the 1,900 horsepower threshold with the Storm, although we’re lacking a lot of details to even start speculating on that supercar’s power output.

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