• The Lucid Air Can Run Sub-10-Second Quarter-Miles!

Lucid Motors now has the bragging rights to call the Air the world’s quickest production sedan

There’s no denying that Tesla is making the Model S better by the day. It is getting performance upgrades that are keeping the product from going stale. It is even getting better on the drag strips and in consecutive high-speed runs. The Cheetah stance even brought the Tesla Model S in line with the Porsche Taycan. At a time when the Model S was looking invincible, Lucid Air decided to steal its thunder.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Lucid Air is kicking Model S’ electric ass in literally every aspect. Right from fastest EV charging to drag coefficient rating to 500 mile-plus range, the Air has one-upped the Model S everywhere. Now, it has done the same on the drag strip by beating the Model S in a quarter-mile race and subsequently recording a sub-10-second run!

Quarter-Mile Time Of 9.9 Seconds Is Astonishing

If you were unhappy about Tesla disrespecting much loved fuel-powered supercars on the drag strip, well, this is going to make you feel worse. Lucid Air has now entered the party to humiliate the rest of them which even the Tesla cars couldn’t beat.

Lucid released a video of the Air going up against the Tesla Model S. It didn’t just defeat the Tesla, but also recorded a quarter-mile time of 9.9 seconds.
The Lucid Air Can Run Sub-10-Second Quarter-Miles!
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The emphasis was solely on the Lucid Air, and the end of the drag race, the display showed a 9.9-second time which is achieved with a top speed of 144 mph, thus claiming the bragging rights to being the world’s quickest production sedan.

What Powers This Lightning-Fast Lucid Air?

The Lucid Air Can Run Sub-10-Second Quarter-Miles!
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The Lucid Air that competed in the race was the first version of the car called the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The automaker wrote about this in a press release:

“With up to 1,080 horsepower available in a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive package, the Lucid Air Dream Edition has achieved quarter-mile times as low as 9.9 seconds on a consistent basis, making it the world’s quickest production sedan. This performance is wrapped in an uncompromisingly luxurious package, offering room for five passengers with class-leading interior and storage space.”

2018 Lucid Motors Air High Resolution Exterior
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Lucid even mentioned about its powertrain and some of the technology. The Air’s drivetrain was developed by Lucid in-house and features ultra-efficient electric motors with an integrated transmission, differential, and inverter. The automaker further said that “each unit packs over 650 hp and can spin to 20,000 rpm, yet weighs only 163 lb (74 kg) and is small enough to fit inside a standard airplane carry-on bag.”

What We Know About The Lucid Air So Far

2018 Lucid Motors Air High Resolution Exterior
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  • Based on a skateboard-style platform called LEAP (Lucid Electric Advanced Platform)
  • EPA-estimated range of 517 miles
  • Draws power from a 113 kWh battery
  • 4.58-mile range per kWh
  • 20 minutes of fast-charging adds 300 miles of range
  • 0-60 mph in under 2.5 seconds
  • A drag coefficient of 0.21
  • 9.9 cubic-feet of frunk
  • Combined luggage space of 26.1 cubic-feet
  • It is all set to debut on September 9

Final Thoughts

2018 Lucid Motors Air High Resolution Exterior
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Unless you live under a rock, you know that the brain behind the Lucid Air is Peter Rawlinson, the same man who designed the Tesla Model S. He has mentioned on past occasions that the Air is better than the Model S, and the way the former is shaping out to be, it sure looks like it. If I were to give a weird wrestling analogy to the whole situation, it feels like Peter Rawlinson is Paul Bearer, Tesla Model S is the Undertaker, and Lucid Air is Kane. The only difference here is that Bearer may not side with Undertaker ever again.

We’re less than a week away from the Air’s official debut. Do you think Lucid could drop any more bombs before that? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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