• The Lucid Air Could Dethrone the Tesla Model S With A Range Of 442 Miles

The Air beats the Tesla Model S by a comfortable margin of 40 miles

Lucid Air is yet to be launched, but there is enough for us to know that it is going to be a big headache for Tesla. The Air will square up against the Tesla Model S to claim supremacy in the premium sedan segment. There have been a lot of talks about its range as well, claiming that it would become the most efficient EV to date.

Now, Lucid Motors has uploaded a teaser video showing the Air’s range to be 442 miles. This is almost 10-percent more than the Model S, which has the current-best range in the market.

It’s Lucid CEO’s First Child versus The Second

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If you’re wondering why there’s so much emphasis on this rivalry, it’s because Peter Rawlinson, the man behind the Lucid Air, was also the Chief Engineer at Tesla back in the day and responsible for the Model S.

He has mentioned that the Lucid Air will be much better than the Model S in many aspects, and we’ve seen some of them already. For starters, the Air is the most aerodynamic-efficient luxury car with a verified coefficient drag of 0.21. The Model S, on the other hand, has a rating of 0.24.

The other one, of course, is the battery. The fact that Lucid Air’s battery will be the highlight of the car is something we’ve known for quite some time now.

Although we still don’t have the technical details, the automaker has teased through this trailer that it will offer a range of 442 miles.
The Lucid Air Could Dethrone the Tesla Model S With A Range Of 442 Miles High Resolution Exterior
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Perhaps, it could be even more. When you watch the teaser, you’ll notice that the count that starts at around 305 and goes all the way up to 442, briefly stops at 402. This was Lucid taking at dig at the Model S, which comes with an EPA-rated range of 402 miles. Witty.

Why Can We Count On Lucid To Offer A Best-In-The-Business Electric Range?

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Peter has stated in the past that the battery is what sets the Lucid Air apart. In an interview earlier this year, he went on to say that Lucid wasn’t successful in getting funds because venture capitalists were putting their money on autonomous technology. The company then focused on its batteries and supply to Formula E.

He said, “My team thought I was nuts because we were running low on money with our backs to the wall developing the Alpha prototypes in 2016. Williams Grand Prix Engineering had been building a 28-kWh pack for the first few seasons that could last half a race distance. We tried to sell the FIA in Paris on the idea that we could make a 54-kWh one to last the full race.” He further added that Lucid won the bid and “to this day, we have a 100 percent reliability record with all 24 cars on the grid using a battery.”

The Lucid Air Could Dethrone the Tesla Model S With A Range Of 442 Miles High Resolution Exterior
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Some of you might be wondering if these numbers are inflated, but the battery has been tested in real-world conditions and has delivered over 400 miles. Back in April, Lucid Air went on a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a single charge and even did a trip back on a single charge again. That’s 800 miles with two charges. Highly impressive.

Tesla Model S Was Recently Rated For 402 Miles By the EPA

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Tesla had a bit of a tiff when it blamed the EPA authorities to have let the car discharge before the test, thus being able to draw a 391-mile rating. After a little to-and-fro tussle between the agency and the automakers, the Model S was tested again and it officially became the first EV automaker to achieve a rating of 400+ miles on a production car. But, Lucid has already announced a far better rating, although it hasn’t said it is EPA-rated or not. We’ll have to wait for more details on this bit.

Final Thoughts

The Lucid Air Could Dethrone the Tesla Model S With A Range Of 442 Miles High Resolution Exterior
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It will be interesting to see the battery capacity of Lucid Air. At a time when automakers are struggling to cure range anxiety, Lucid is promoting it as its unique selling point. How about that. A lot would have to do with the body design and drag coefficient of 0.21 as well. Whatever it is, Tesla will keep a close eye on the Air. And, to counter it, we can expect some sort of announcements from Tesla regarding the Model S in the near future.

It feels like the Bronco vs Wrangler rivalry of the EV segment; The Model S being the Wrangler and the Air being the Bronco. You have a car that’s been on the circuit for a long time, and now, a new true-blue rival comes along. It seems like an improved version of the existing player, but the latter has a strong loyal fan base.

We’ll have to wait for the ‘results’ that will be announced on August 11. Do you think it will be more than 442 miles? Can the Air trump the Model S and become the next big thing in the EV segment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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