The iconic Mustang celebrated half a century on the road in 2014, when Ford and numerous fan clubs organized a series of events throughout April, the month the first-generation pony-car made its debut back in 1964. A full year has passed since then, and Ford is once again celebrating as the nameplate turns 51. This time around there aren’t any "Mustangs Across America" drives, though. Instead, FoMoCo is releasing a special movies series on how the latest Mustang came to be. The first chapter is about the sixth-gen model’s design, which still is the subject of controversy among Mustang enthusiasts.

In this 10-minute video, various employees talk about designing a Mustang for the 21st century that still harks back to the iconic first-gen model. "When you’re redoing an icon, like the Mustang, it’s a combination of a great honor and extreme fear. Because you don’t want to screw up an icon," said one of the members of the design team. And judging by the way the 2015 car was received — lots of praise on one side and severe criticism on the other — that statement is by no means out of place. As a vehicle that stands as a symbol of freedom and independence, the Mustang has a lot of fans with a lot of expectations.

Designing a new pony isn’t easy, and, as Pericak himself puts it, it requires a team of enthusiasts that "eat, sleep, and breathe" Mustangs. Find out more about that in the video above and stay tuned for the following episodes.

2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang High Resolution Exterior
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Find out more about the sixth-generation Ford Mustang in our full review here.

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