The Mallet Solstice V8

Sure, the Pontiac Solstice is an attractive roadster in bone-stock trim (um, where the heck its it already?), but its Miata-fighting Ecotec powertrain leaves us a little, er, clammy. That’s why when we heard the boys at GM aftermarket juicer Mallett Cars was putting an LS2 into Pontiac’s two-seater, we did a little victory dance (on the inside). The Mallett Solstice V8 made its debut at SEMA, and now it’s on the cover of this week’s print AutoWeek. According to AW, the Mallettization, which includes, at base, a 400hp Corvette mill, a Luk Gold clutch and short-throw shifter, Mallett-Penske shocks and performance-grade brakes, makes for “one monstrously fast little roadster.” The base kit adds $18,000 to the price of the roadster (around $20,000), but a top-line package includes a supercharger (600hp total!), six-speed Tremec tranny, 19” alloys, a worked-over suspension and other goodies for an extra $39,000. It’s a lot, but then, it’s far less than the lukewarm BMW Z8 it resembles. Now, if Pontiac would go ahead and deliver the thing...

Romain Boudre
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