Maserati road car shows up

The Maserati MC12 appeared at the LA auto show.

The Maserati MC12 road car makes an appearance at the LA Auto Show.

The road going version of the spectacular Maserati MC12 was on show at the LA International Auto Show, the car that has given the Ferrari FIA GT team a run for its money is quite a eye catching machine, which when in its road going guise is still just as eye catching as the full race version.

Back in 2004 Maserati announced that they would be building this car as a limited edition they built 25 in 2004 and actually built another in 2005, they were sold and it is estimated that around 14 or 15 of these super cars were sold to clients in the US which as a market share explains what the USA super car retail market means to the likes of Maserati.

The car itself is very similar to the Ferrari Enzo, using a carbon fibre skeleton and the same 6 ltr V12 engine and Gear box, but it is about two feet longer and one foot wider than the Ferrari, which as you can imagine may prove slight awkward when driving this car around to the local store!! However there are reports that the car drives very well and handles just as easily as your average family saloon car. Except this does 0 to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds and can take you up to 205 mph, very handy if your late for an appointment.

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