During my more than 2,000-mile excursion with the 2014 Mazda Miata, I learned a lot of things. I learned why Mazda gave me a hat and sunscreen when they dropped off the car, I learned that I actually love convertibles, and I learned that 25 years of changes have yet to alter the true feel and purpose of the tiny roadster.

More than this, I learned that the Miata is a very special car, and that you need to be a very special person to buy one. More than any other car I have ever encountered, the Mazda Miata attracts a very specific buyer that no other car seems to. Unlike models from brands like BMW, or Toyota who attract a large collection of buyers in different age groups and interests, the only people who ever seem to own a Miata are the people who love cars and driving more than anything else.

But why is that?

Read on to find out what makes Miata owners special

The Mazda Miata: A Unique Car for Unique Owners Exterior
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Sadly, the reason all Miata drivers seem to be awesome is due to the fact that lots of people don’t like Mazda’s roadster. Ask any group of people about the Miata and you are likely to hear things like “stupid,” “it’s a chic’s car,” or the hateful-usage of the word “gay.” This may seem like an issue that is limited to men, but women also call it things like “cute,” “adorable” and more.

The Miata has a very real stigma attached to it in our culture. It is that stigma that makes all Miata owners awesome. Basically, every Miata owner loves his car, and how well it drives, so much that he’s willing to put up with the verbal abuse that will undoubtedly be thrown at him. Once you drive a Miata, and once you know what that experience really is, it doesn’t matter what others think of you; you just need to have that level of driving fun in your life.

The Mazda Miata: A Unique Car for Unique Owners Exterior
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Thankfully, this also makes Miata owners stick together. Like a group of kids that were bullied by the jocks in high school, Miata owners band together and happily welcome any new member to the club. This was made most apparent to me when I met my local group of Miata owners, the Knoxville Area Roadsters.

Despite the fact that I was only some writer that had access to a Miata for just a few days, KAR welcomed me with open arms. Within a few hours of meeting the group we were setting up a large gathering so I could see them and we could arrange a group photo for my review. Heck they even gave me a Tshirt and made me an honorary member of the group.

Everyone here comes from a different background and has different jobs, interests and hobbies, but they all share a love for Miatas. Their cars span all three-generations and almost all feature various levels of modifications. Form small things like wheels and stickers to full supercharger kits and suspension overhauls.

The Mazda Miata: A Unique Car for Unique Owners Exterior
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Knowing that I will get to surround myself with a fun and helpful group of people makes me want to buy a Miata even more. Plus I know that if I run into issues or questions regarding autocross events, modifications of just simple repair issues, I have a team of friends to help and guide me.

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like the Miata, it seems pretty obvious that it’s only because you have never driven one. Go to a dealer, try one out, then go find your local Miata drivers and join the happiest car club on the planet. With nearly a million sold, I think the Miata has done a lot to make the world a happier place.

The Miata is a more than a car it seems. It is a great peacemaker that brings people together.

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