• The Mazda Powered Westfield

    Mazda Powered Westfield

Westfield Sportscars have developed a new vehicle utilising recycled components from an unusable Mazda MX5 car.

Leaders in the Kit Car Market Westfield have introduced a kit car that recycles a car which would normally have been scrapped because of decayed body work.

The new car is based on the popular 1600 Mazda MX5 (year 1989 - 1995). Westfield deliberately chose this make and model because of its wide spread availability and how long it has been in production. On older versions of the MX5 the bodywork is now decaying beyond repair so they are becoming scrap. This is because it is not cost effective to replace or repair even though the running gear is in fine working order. With all of the government publicity on recycling and the new "End of Life Vehicle regulations" coming in force in January 2006, Westfield believe that people are more aware of the importance of doing their bit for the environment. By encouraging people to recycle their own cars instead of the manufacturer, this will help towards the environment and will offer a unique selling point, not just in the kit car world but will help bring the idea of recycling cars to the mainstream increasing sales. If you already have a 2 seater open top sports car that is beyond repair and servicing, why not recycle it in to another 2 seater open top sports car?

Westfield in house development team have taken an MX5 and recycled as much of the car possible in to a Westfield.

With the reliability and the vast availability of the Mazda components we feel that this will help us increase kit car production with in the UK. Once a market is established, we will be looking to export the kit cars to our new dealer in the USA and an established dealer in Australia as just like the UK the Mazda MX5 is a popular car. We have already received publicity in the USA for this new project and interest is high.

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