McLaren has barely let loose the ludicrous 600LT and, already, the Spider version is in the pipeline for 2019. This was discovered when the name popped up on a CARB document that certifies emissions for next year’s cars. It was already known that McLaren was preparing the car from the way they designated the configurator for the Coupe model.

McLaren is on a charge in the last few years. After the 675LT and the 675LT Spider, the company from Woking delivered on its promises of a car to sit barely below the 675LT as an improved 570S on steroids with the 600LT. Now, we’re closer than ever to seeing the roofless model, and it may come our way at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

By all accounts, the Spider will share the same astounding performance figures of the "LongTail" Coupe, albeit not as light. It will still be quite a sight to see, either early next month in the French capital or, later, at the L.A. Auto Show that kicks off on November 30.

What we know

The McLaren 600LT Spyder is on the Books for 2019; Expected Debut at Paris Auto Show Exterior
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The 600LT is to the 570S what the 675LT was to the 650S. In other words, it’s a souped-up version with many new bits, most of which are in places you’ll never see, more performance and some aerodynamic gizmos to top everything off. McLaren says 23% of the parts on the 600LT are not to be found on the 570S and that the former is also 220 pounds lighter.

Being a brother of the 675LT, the 600LT shares the same racing-inspired ethos.

The name LongTail is a nod, after all, to McLaren's 1997 F1 GTR LongTail which finished runner-up overall (and first in the GT1 class) at Le Mans.

These road cars are, then, extremely light - the 600LT weighs just 2,750 pounds - and extremely responsive. The suspension is firm, but it also knows how to eat bumps well without ruining the ride, and the steering is classic McLaren perfection in terms of the feeling and the way it communicates.

The McLaren 600LT Spyder is on the Books for 2019; Expected Debut at Paris Auto Show Exterior
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So, the Coupe is incredible, another modern McLaren that challenges the glorious F1, and isn’t far off at all. That means that the Spider, powered by the same 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged, will be a thing to behold. It should have the same 592 ponies under the hood and the same 457 pound-feet of torque, so acceleration to 60 mph should still take just below 3.5 seconds.

With the Coupe, Woking’s engineers say it produces 220 pounds of downforce when driving along at 155 mph.

This surely won't be the case with the top down, but the underbody aero, the diffuser, the rear wing with the exhaust just below it will all still be there so it should be well mannered.

Granted, nobody wants a car that’s on rails and, by all accounts, the 600LT isn’t only good at shattering the 675LT’s lap records, benefitting from the same kind of "Burnout Mode" as the Senna.

The 600LT, subsequently, is bound to offer the ride of a lifetime for anyone who’s lucky enough to have a go in the driver’s seat. It’s going to be an extremely agile car, but it won’t come cheap. The Coupe, which will end production this November, costs a mere $243,400 so think about something in this range. We’ve already talked about what you do get for the money, but what about what you don’t get? Well, to achieve that 220-pound weight loss, McLaren had to cut from somewhere.

The McLaren 600LT Spyder is on the Books for 2019; Expected Debut at Paris Auto Show Exterior
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You get no A/C (worth almost 28 pounds) and no radio (that’s little over 7 pounds) plus some extra thin carpeting. Also, the exhaust is lighter by 28 pounds, the McLaren Senna-borrowed seats by 54 pounds while the weight saved between the wheels, suspension and brake assemblies add up to 46 pounds. This kind of religious dedication to weight saving deserves equal levels of praising. Roll in the Spider - and Summer 2019!

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The McLaren 600LT Spyder is on the Books for 2019; Expected Debut at Paris Auto Show Exterior
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