Photo also confirms 720S name

A while back we had our first look at the upcoming McLaren Super Series via photos taken at a private customer event. Although we saw most of the car’s design, the photos weren’t the best quality and left us wanting more. With the 2017 Geneva Motor Show set to kick in next week, a new photo, that seems to be part of the Super Series official press release, surfaced the web. This is the first high-quality photos of the upcoming supercar and gives us a much better look at the new design. And needless to say, the successor to the 650S is absolutely gorgeous!

A mix of organic lines, vents and aerodynamic features, the second-generation Super Series is a radical departure from the outgoing model and I dare say it’s more menacing than even the P1 hybrid. Although the front section isn’t visible, it’s pretty obvious that the styling is very similar to our rendering, which you can see here. The sides have been redesigned too, and even though they seem much cleaner, the design is definitely sporty and in line with what I expect from a modern supercar.

Around back, there’s a very slim fascia with strip-like LED taillights and a pair of exhaust pipes mounted in the grille, on each side for the "McLaren" logo. The diffuser is clearly inspired by racing, while the movable wing is actually a large chunk of the long decklid. The engine hood consists of a large glass area through which you can see the V-8 engine, while the lower, V-shaped section has aggressive louvers and it’s flanked by deep outlets atop the rear fenders.

The teaser also gives us a glimpse of the interior, where we can see aggressive bucket seats, the new flat-bottom steering wheel, and the intelligent instrument cluster. Orange details that match the exterior paint add a splash of color to the otherwise black upholstery. Finally, the license plate confirms that the model will be called the 720S, which stands for the 720-PS (710-horsepower) output.

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Why it Matters?

A new supercar from McLaren is always a big deal, but the 720S is probably the most beautiful vehicle the British brand ever created. And it’s also at least as aggressive as the P1 and probably just as fast, despite not having as much output at its disposal. The new Super Series looks and sounds incredibly promising and the 720S might just be the hottest vehicle at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

2018 McLaren 720S Interior Exterior Exclusive Renderings Computer Renderings and Photoshop
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Source: Bloomberg

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