• The McLaren Artura GT4 Is a Culmination of GT4 Heritage Set in Motion by the 570S and 720S

It is lighter than both the road-going Artura and the old 570S GT4

McLaren announced the first details on the Artura GT4 - a new race car that will replace the current 570S GT4. The model will make its global public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Sussex, England on June 23-26 where it will be driven by McLaren Factory Driver Rob Bell. After its debut, the race car will go through an intensive test and development program. Its official race debut will be happen for the 2023 racing season.

How is the Artura GT4 Different From Road-Going Car?

The McLaren Artura GT4 Is a Culmination of GT4 Heritage Set in Motion by the 570S and 720S
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The road-going version of the Artura is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 paired with a single electric motor. The V-6 delivers a total of 585 horsepower, while the electric motor adds another 95 horsepower. Combined, the Artura delivers 680 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. Racing regulations do not permit hybrid powertrains, which means the Artura GT4 is only powered by the V-6 engine, which means it will only deliver 585 horsepower - but more than enough output for GT4 racing requirements. The lack of a hybrid powertrain allows for a weight savings of 286 pounds. At the same time, the space within the carbon monocoque that was used to store the hybrid battery in the road car now houses the fuel cell and ancillary drive system.

In the road-going version the engine sends its power to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. In the GT4, however, things are again different. It features a seven-speed gearbox with an improved set of ratios optimized for performance. The change was necessary because in the road-going version the reverse function employs the E-motor – which is missing in the GT4 version. And GT4 regulations demand that the car must have a reverse gear.

The McLaren Artura GT4 Is a Culmination of GT4 Heritage Set in Motion by the 570S and 720S
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Also, the GT4 is equipped with an aerodynamic package that will offer better downforce. It includes a larger splitter, canards, vented bonnet, and an adjustable wing mounted in the back with seven angle settings. The car is finished in the traditional orange, gray, and blue livery - a color combination we’ve seen on all McLaren racing cars. The interior has been also specially designed for racing use. The driver seat is specially designed according to FIA specs and there is an optional passenger seat – both will be offered in a variety of sizes. The car also has an adjustable pedal box, an optional drinks system, and a steering wheel with illuminated buttons inspired by the 720S GT3. The cockpit also features a new Bosch DDU instrument display, with enhanced graphics.

How is the Artura GT4 Better Than the 570S GT4?

The McLaren Artura GT4 Is a Culmination of GT4 Heritage Set in Motion by the 570S and 720S
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The new Artura GT4 is built on McLaren’s Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) monocoque - a change that makes it 220 pounds lighter than the outgoing 570S GT4. The new seven-speed gearbox also offers shorter ratios than the model it replaces. The Artura GT4’s new aerodynamic package offers greater downforce than the outgoing race car.

When compared to the 570S GT4, both the suspension and handling are enhanced. The front wheel’s width has been increased, and when combined with new, wider Pirelli tires, it provides more grip and less tire degradation. The previous Electronic Stability Program system has been replaced with a new, mechanical Limited Slip Differential system that offers increased grip and performance. When compared to the previous version, both damping and brake cooling efficiency were improved.

The McLaren Artura GT4 Is a Culmination of GT4 Heritage Set in Motion by the 570S and 720S
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“The Artura GT4 is the second race car to be built from the ground-up by McLaren Automotive’s Motorsport division. Based on the revolutionary new McLaren Artura, it represents a significant step up from the outgoing 570S GT4, itself a hugely successful competition car which has achieved many race and championship wins with our customer racing teams. With lighter weight, extremely precise handling characteristics and enhanced durability – as well as the packaging and efficiency advantages and all-round serviceability for mechanics of the new V6 powertrain – the Artura GT4 will set new class standards, as we are already seeing from our extensive test and development program, " said Ian Morgan, Director of Motorsport, McLaren Automotive.

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