The British grand tourer might be as practical as a mid-size sedan

When it confirmed the McLaren GT at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the British firm claimed that it would be the most efficient mid-engined car on the market. Now that the GT has been unveiled, I can agree that it offers more luggage room than any other mid-engined vehicle available. What’s more, this mid-engined grand tourer actually has more trunk space than several sedans. Let’s see how it compares.

The McLaren GT Offers More Room Than Some Important Sedans

The McLaren GT offers more Trunk Space than some sedans
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Granted, subcompact and compact sedans aren't as spacious as hatchbacks, but some of them can swallow in excess of 15 cubic feet of luggage.

The Nissan Sentra and the Honda Civic are two good examples. However, some sedans have smaller trunks when compared to the McLaren GT. The British grand tourer offers 14.8 cubic feet of room under the rear tailgate, which is more than the Kia Forte, rated at only 13.3 cubic feet. The GT is also on par with the Nissan Versa, which has a 14.8-cubic-foot trunk.

Amazingly enough, the McLaren GT is competitive when compared to midsize sedans as well. While most vehicles this size offer between 16 to 18 cubic feet of luggage room, some aren’t as spacious and come close to the GT’s rear trunk capacity. The Buick LaCrosse, for instance, has a 15-cubic-foot trunk. The Toyota Camry’s trunk isn’t notably bigger either at 15.1 cubic feet. The Chevrolet Malibu and the Honda Accord, two segment-leading sedans, offer only an extra cubic foot over the McLaren GT with a total capacity of 15.8 cubic feet. The same goes for the Kia Optima, rated at 15.9 cubic feet, and the Ford Fusion, rated at 16 cubic feet.

The McLaren GT is Even More Practical in This Unfair Comparison

The McLaren GT offers more Trunk Space than some sedans
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The cool thing about the McLaren GT is that it offers luggage room under the front hood as well.

This compartment is smaller at 5.3 cubic feet, but it increases the grand tourer's total capacity to 20.1 cubic feet.

Sure, 20 cubic feet from two different compartments isn’t as practical as 20 cubic feet in a single trunk, but it’s a fun comparison because this rating puts the GT above an impressive number of sedans.

Specifically, this combined trunk capacity makes the McLaren GT more practical than any other midsize sedans. It trumps the Dodge Charger with 16.5 cubic feet, the Chevrolet Impala with 18.8 cubic feet, an even the Ford Taurus with its impressive 20-cubic-foot trunk. The GT also tops a handful of premium full-size sedans. The BMW 7 Series has less room at 18.2 cubic feet, as does the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at 18.7 cubic feet. Of course, you’ll make better use of 18 cubic feet in one trunk when hauling large items, but you will be able to fit more small bags in the GT. Pretty cool, huh?

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The McLaren GT offers more Trunk Space than some sedans
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