It’s surprising that a smaller car can actually accommodate someone of my size

I’m a bigger guy, so one of the hardest parts about covering auto shows in a professional capacity is getting in and out of smaller cars. Smaller sedans are the hardest, but small coupes aren’t exactly a breeze either. So, when I finally made it to the Mercedes show floor, I was excited to see some of the new cars in the metal, but also a little anxious about trying to get into some of them. Let’s be honest, when you’re five-foot, 10 inches and pushing 300 pounds, it’s not exactly easy to crawl into a Mercedes GLA-class, let alone a two-seater like the Mercedes-AMG GT C. But, as a member of the media, I had a responsibility to try. And try I did.

To my surprise, the GT C’s front seat was able to move far enough to the rear to accommodate someone well over six foot or someone with an extra meaty midsection. Getting inside really wasn’t that difficult either. To door opens up fairly wide as you can see in the photo gallery, and once I crawled inside, I found that the seat was actually wide enough to accommodate my wider frame. I’m shocked at this point, but sure enough, I was sitting in this little, 550-horsepower demon on wheels and I was comfortable. The seat provided more than enough side support for me, the cushion and back were very soft but supportive in the right places, and the seatbelt even fit. Amazing!

One thing of particular note, however, is how low the seat in this thing really is. Because of the low seating position, you get the true “sports car” feel, but I did find myself knocking into the controls on the center console a bit with my arm. Over the years I’ve grown so accustomed to driving with one hand and keeping the other on the shifter, that I’m still not sure what to do with my right arm in a model that doesn’t let me row my own gears. Outside of that, the car was an absolute dream to sit in, even for a bigger guy in a small car. Visibility over the dash was great; the infotainment display isn’t obtrusive to my forward, right view, and the Alcantara on the steering wheel was a nice treat for my hands after hanging onto a hard camera frame all day. My point is that if you were considering the GT C but wasn’t sure it would be comfortable for larger people, go check it out for yourself. You just might be surprised!


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