• The Mercedes-AMG S63 Is About to Creep Into Supercar Territory

As if the current S63 wasn’t an absolute beast already

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As we wait for Mercedes-Benz to unveil the brand new S-Class, rumors have already started swirling on the upcoming S63 based on the said S-Class. As it turns out, the AMG S63 that’s going to be based on the incoming S-Class will be a supercar-beating luxo-barge aided by electricity, if we are to believe a recent report.

Not the ‘let’s save the planet’ kind of hybrid

The Mercedes-AMG S63 Is About to Creep Into Supercar Territory
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Do you remember how Porsche came up with a hybrid setup for the Panamera and Cayenne just for the sake of performance? Well, it looks like Mercedes-Benz, or better said Mercedes-AMG, is headed the same way with the upcoming S63.

With the S-Class knocking on our doors, it’s only a matter of time before Affalterbach cranks out the S63 version of the popular luxury sedan. When it does, the new S63 will be called S63e and pack a stout 800+ horsepower coming from a hybrid powertrain - most likely of the plug-in kind. That is, of course, if Car Magazine’s review of a 2021 S-Class pre-production mule is accurate - and there’s no reason to believe it’s not.

The Mercedes-AMG S63 Is About to Creep Into Supercar Territory
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Coming back to the 800-horsepower figure, know that it would be a hefty improvement over what the 2020 Merc-AMG S65 and S63 currently have in store: 621 and 603 horses, respectively. Car Magazine doesn’t mention anything about torque, however, that’s expected to be on the beefy side too, even surpassing the S63’s 664 pound-feet and the S65’s 738 pound-feet of twist.

What Car does mention is how quick the S63e is going to be: 0-60 mph takes less than 3.5 seconds. Now, Car and Driver real-world tests showed the current S63 can clear the sprint in three seconds flat, which can mean two things: Mercedes-AMG is willingly underestimating the S63e’s acceleration potential or the S63e will be a much heavier car than the current model.

The Mercedes-AMG S63 Is About to Creep Into Supercar Territory
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The latter scenario makes quite some sense, since the addition of electric motors and an extra battery might put some extra weight on the saloon’s hips.

Either way, some might still be sad to see the S65’s V-12 engine being axed, but they shouldn’t. If the new S63e will harness electricity a la Porsche, storming the Autobahn might taste even more delicious.

Source: Car Magazine

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