Is in Stuttgart, Germany.

It was completed last year.

It is a museum focused on only one brand, but it is also something more.

It is an architectural wonder,

And a good sign of just how much money Daimler-Benz is making. Car companies don’t indulge themselves in preserving their past unless they’ve got a few bucks. But to do it at this level is simply extraordinary.

The building is to architecture what the Silver Arrows were to race cars in the 1930s.

And a kind soul has posted the first part of a tour on YouTube. 

Here is the link 

You won’t see that many cars in this video, because it focuses on the structure which Mercedes built to house its automotive heritage.

But the cars built the place. Were it not for them, it could not exist.

It is worth taking a few minutes to see the shrine Mercedes built to what it does.

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tango  (372) posted on 08.16.2007

Whatever happened to your theory that Mercedes was short on cash (as posted a few days ago)? Or perhaps they got rid of all those positions to fund this project...

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