Electric cars, albeit the more expensive models, are getting more and more feasible

Mercedes isn’t holding back with its EQ lineup of electric vehicles. The EQC compact electric SUV is so close to hitting the market you can practically smell the odor of new electric motor. The EQS – basically an electric S-Class — is set to come to the market soon too, after being previewed in 2019 as the Vision EQS Concept We learned earlier in 2000 that AMG would build an S65 equivalent, and now we’re learning that the EQS in base form will walk all over the Tesla Model S in terms of range. If you weren’t into electric cars before, now’s probably the time to start paying attention.

The Mercedes EQS Will Offer More Than 435 Miles of Range

The Mercedes EQS Could Eat The Tesla Model S with 435 Miles of Electric Range Exterior
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During a recent shareholder’s meeting, Daimler discussed a number of topics, the most prominent one arguably being the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and how car sales plummeted. But, Daimler boss Ola Kallenius only stuck to negativity for so long, and then moved onto something very, very exciting. Following details of the W223 Mercedes S-Class, the EQS got the spotlight, and we thought the biggest highlight was news that the car was built from the ground up as an EV as opposed to being a half-assed electric conversion based on the current S-Class.

And, that’s probably why he was more than happy to share that the EQS, when it hits showrooms, will offer up as much as 700 kilometers (435 miles of range) if not more.
The Mercedes EQS Could Eat The Tesla Model S with 435 Miles of Electric Range Exterior
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To put this into perspective, Tesla just recently crossed the 400-mile mark in the United States with the Model S Long Range Plus. That specific car has an EPA 647 kilometers or 402 miles. It’s worth mentioning that Kallenius’ 435-mile spec is based on the WLTP scale, which is much more accurate than the NEDC scale that was used just a couple of years ago but still a little more generous than the EPA testing procedures we have here in the states.

In general, the EPA usually rates vehicles just a bit lower than WLTP, so while we might not see an official rating of 435 miles, it’s probably pretty safe to assume that the EPA will still rate the EQS well above the 402-mile Model S Long Range Plus.

In Europe, the story tilts even further toward Merc’s favor as the highest-rated Model S in Europe has a WLTP certification of 610 kilometers (379 miles.)

The Mercedes EQS Could Eat The Tesla Model S with 435 Miles of Electric Range Exterior
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Here’s the real kicker, though. This isn’t going to be a battle between just Mercedes and Tesla – at least not for long, anyway. Jaguar is throwing a new competitor into the ring in the form of the Jaguar XJ EV. There’s not a lot known about that car yet, but we have seen a teaser and spy shots, so it will be yet another full-size competitor on the EV market. With advances in battery and fast charging technology coming faster and faster, it’s only a matter of time before EVs are capable of being feasible for even those with the worst range anxiety.

2019 Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept specifications
CO2 emissions 0 g/km
Range (WLTP) up to 700 km.
Output approx. 350 kW
Acceleration (0-100 km/h) < 4.5 seconds
Top speed > 200 km/h
Peak torque approx. 760 Nm
Battery capacity approx. 100 kWh
Charging output (DC) 350 kW
Drive system All-wheel drive (fully variable)

Source: Daimler

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