It’s still hidden under camo, though

The mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette is arguably the most anticipated car of 2018, but GM’s contender for the supercar market is in no hurry to unveil itself in the metal. Our paparazzi just spotted the vehicle in the wild, but it’s still wrapped in camouflage from bumper to bumper.

The Mid-Engined, 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Got Caught Testing On Public Roads Exterior Spyshots
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We’ve seen the supercar stretch its legs on public roads for more than a year now. At first, it was a C7 Corvette with modifications to the body to make room for the mid-mounted engine.

Now, the supercar is starting to take its final shape and sports an all-new, unique design.

Notice the short front end, the long rear quarters, and the sleek rear window? Another thing to notice is the rear spoiler. We already know that Chevy is also testing a high-winged model that probably delivers better performance and some crazy active aero too.

The test car doesn’t provide too many hints that we don’t know already, but it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that it will share very little with the Corvette we all know and adore. Hopefully, it will lose more camo toward the end of the year, but the official debut won’t happen until probably mid-2019.

As a brief reminder, Chevrolet is also working on a more aggressive, race-spec version of this car.

The vehicle was spotted testing back in August with a massive rear diffuser and wing.

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