The MK1 Escort was never a real rally champ, given it was an overweight econo-box driven by a tiny little four-banger. However, the MK1 Escort was a bit of a cult classic, as it was kind of like Herby the Love Bug, you never expected it to win, but it dang sure was a cute lil’ thing.

As the rally circuit became more competitive, the MK1 disappeared and hasn’t been seen since. Until now, sort of…

From here we need you to carefully follow a few steps, yeah we know, steps. First, check out the above video of the revived MK1 slinging around a rally course, but make sure to stop short of 2:45 mark, and then come back to this point. Easy enough, right?

As you watched the revived MK1 Ford fly around, did you notice anything odd? Maybe you noticed the fact that the car seemed drastically too small for the scenery? If not, we’ll let the cat out of the bag now, that’s a 1:5 scale radio-controlled model of the original MK1 Escort rally machine whipping around a 1:5 scale rally track. Oh, and the audio; that’s the guys at Headquake RC dubbing the actual sounds from the original MK1 over top of the RC car’s sounds.

Don’t believe us? Scroll to the 2:45 mark of the video and hit “Play.” Now you can hear the sounds of the RC car working hard around the track, which is impressive in its own right. We don’t know which part we are more impressed by, the realistic looks of the 1:5 replica or the filming and dubbing quality to make the illusion that you are actually watching modern footage of the MK1. Nice show, Headquake, nice show indeed.


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