“Designboom” winner Tim Thornton of the United Kingdom wants to change the way people view movies and bring back the "Drive-In Theater", I guess you could call it Drive-In 2.0

In his winning design called “Driving Cinema” Mr. Thornton incorporates a projector, camera, and speakers into the front of Fiat resulting in an “on-demand” style movie watching experience. He has won first place for this design and already people are buzzing about the idea.

I could picture myself driving a Fiat down a road on a date and heading to a nice “beachy” type location at night, stop the car near the beach- oh wait a minute there is no place to project the image- so you who have to need some sort of portable screen that you could assemble quickly or on a nearby wall. I guess my only gripe with this great idea- is how well can you project a movie image on ordinary brick walls/ any type of walls? Cheers to Thornton though for the creative idea, it would be quite the experience to watch a movie in an automobile as long as the seats are comfy, got some popcorn, and you are in an ambient location.

The Modern Form of "Drive-in" Theater - From Your Car
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Source: Driving Cinema Contest Winner

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