• The Nano of Combat Vehicles? The MBPV from Tata

  • The Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle or MBPV was developed by TATA Motors along with the Indian Defence department as a vehicle to assist Commandos to tackle combat situations indoors

Don’t be fooled by this little Tata’s cheeky looks. It can deliver some lethal firepower

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Indian automaker TATA Motors has created the MBPV "Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle”, not as a typical combat vehicle, but instead, it is a protective mobile solution that operates in confined spaces.


The Nano of Combat Vehicles? The MBPV from Tata
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For anyone who doesn’t know TATA, they are an Indian Conglomerate that is engaged in several industries such as the automotive sector, military equipment, telecommunications, and even beverages. TATA also controls British automakers Jaguar and Land Rover.

Their version of the world’s cheapest car, the TATA Nano, as it turned out wasn’t a sensation. However, with a very small armored vehicle, TATA just might be able to make a case for themselves.

Design & Function

The Nano of Combat Vehicles? The MBPV from Tata
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TATA Motors first showcased the Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle or MBPV at the National Defence Expo in 2012. It is an actual combat vehicle developed to assist India’s commando forces to resolve conflicts with indoor combat situations. It has been equipped by India’s elite defense forces, to be able to manage situations where larger combat vehicles just can’t get through.

This compact fighting vehicle unlike any other has been created from the ground up as a protective mobile solution that comes into action, particularly in tighter spaces such as shopping malls, train stations, airport terminals, and other small buildings.

Don’t be fooled by its unusual and cheeky appearance. The looks of this armored vehicle are not intimidating at first glance, that is until you learn about its capabilities. It has the ability to deliver some lethal firepower. This armored vehicle is bulletproof, has several shooting ports, and big armored windows that provide the operator with an excellent all-around view. TATA believes the vehicle will be extremely effective in combating insurgents in small spaces.


The MBPV has a high power-to-weight ratio, owing to its small size. All its four wheels can steer and swivel, making the vehicle extremely maneuverable. It can even drive up and down stairs and storm the upper floors of a building. Finally, because it is powered by electric, the vehicle is extremely silent, allowing it to approach the enemy undetected. Very stealthy indeed.


A need for this kind of Micro Assault vehicle has been felt by India’s Commando forces for a long time. TATA Motors believes there is a legitimate demand for this type of vehicle since there have been several instances where insurgents have taken refuge inside confined spaces. Commando groups have been unable to find effective solutions to tackle this problem. Until now. 

Given its size, the MBPV might not be visually appealing, because, when someone mentions a combat vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is something brawny. Nevertheless, this little TATA appears to have all of the functional components required for it to be a potent combat vehicle.

Source: Motor1

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