Spyder to cost $200,000

The new Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder will be going sale in late 2007 for around $200,000

The new Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder ready for 2008.

It seems to have been around for a long while, after all we did see the Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder as far back as 2005 in varying sorts of guises, it has been almost as if the people at Alfa Romeo could not make up their minds if they should go with this or leave it and move in another direction, well thankfully they have now decided to put this design into production, though this may be limited to just 500 cars with only around 100 being exported to the huge US market, being distributed through the Maserati network of dealers.

This car has more than just distribution links with the Maserati marque the car itself is made up from many Maserati parts including the 4.7 ltr V8 engine is based on the 4.2 ltr Maserati power unit, gives out around 450 Brake horse power.

The car finished in brilliantly vibrant red, black upholstery and aluminium features has a more sporty and expensive feel to it, we have seen in the past with Alfa Romeo models that they never really go the whole distance, yet with the Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder it does appear that the company has completed this car with full conviction. The Alfa Romeo 8C Spyder will go on sale late 2007 and will have a price tag of around $200,000.

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