• The New Batmobile Is the Lovechild of a DeTomaso Mangusta and a ’69 Dodge Charger

We’ll miss the Tumbler but this looks simply awesome

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We’ve got to hand it to you, Robert Pattinson aka the new Batman just got handed a sweet-ass ride. The car itself is a huge step from the puny Volvo C30 he used to drive as Edward in Twilight, but that aside, we are intrigued as to what sort of base was used to create it.

The Batmobile evolved and we love what we’re seeing so far

Gone are the days of the tank-like, jet-powered, destruction-wreaking machine going by the name of Tumbler which could launch itself into a rampless jump.

The new Batman will get to punish bad guys in a car that looks like a mixed breed between a muscle car and a mid-engined supercar wrapped around in the familiar all-black-everything theme that’s been at the core of every Batman movie we can recall. Of course, we’re not complaining. Not when Ash Thorp contributed to the ride’s rad looks.

We don’t get to see all that much in the three pictures posted on Twitter by director Matt Reeves, but it’s enough to keep us on our toes and breathing heavily at that though that this could be one of the raddest Batmobiles to ever hit the big screens.

From what we can tell from the noir-vibe photos, we’re looking at some sort of heavily modded muscle car that got a mid-mounted engine and some Mad Max-y visual upgrades.

At this point, we can only speculate on what kind of powerplant sits exposed behind the cabin, but it could be a V-8 or a V-10 of sorts - it looks like a V-10 from where we’re standing, but don’t hold your breath just yet.

One thing’s for sure though: those turbos look huge and who knows what sort of firepower this engine produces. Just look at that turbine-shaped exhaust: we’re expecting a lot of flames to come out of that hole.

Speaking of firepower, the new Batmobile will surely get its fair share of gadgets and weapons and needless to say, we can’t wait to see it in action. We’ll need to remain patient, though, as The Batman movie is set to be released on June 25, 2021.

That said, what would be your Batmobile of choice? This new one or the Tumbler?

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