Modern safety tech now available, but you’ll be paying for its schooling

The all-new Ford Super Duty is on the cusp of fulltime production and arrival at dealerships around the country. Ford, of course, is hyping customers by showcasing the truck’s new features. There’s no exception for the Super Duty’s safety systems. This short video details all the new driver assist technology never previously available on the Super Duty.

Included in the mix is Adaptive Radar, Blind Spot Information System, Adaptive Steering, and Lane Departure Warning.

Adaptive Radar, Ford says, is especially handy when towing. While I’m not too keen on using cruise control why towing in traffic, the system will keep a set distance between your bumper and the car ahead. Lane Departure Warning is another safety feature that some drivers will like. Cross either lane marking and the steering wheel vibrates, mimicking the feel of rumble strips.

Adaptive Steering is also new. The system makes steering wheel efforts light and easy at low speeds and stiffer at highway speeds. This helps in both low-speed maneuverability – like when backing a trailer – and making sudden lane-change movement less likely on the highway. Last but not least is Ford’s Blind Spot Information System. It’s more than your average blind spot monitoring system, though. This one actually monitors the blind spots beside your trailer. Yep, when a trailer is connected, the truck uses sensors in its taillights to monitor the area beside the trailer, alerting the driver if a vehicle is traveling beside.

These features will go a long way to making the Super Duty a safer truck to operate and a safer truck to drive near. It’s great to see these technologies from the half-ton F-150 make their way into the heavy-duty segment. Of course, the cost of these systems will be passed onto the consumer, likely making the Super Duty more expensive than before. Thankfully most of the systems will be optional on higher-trimmed trucks, leaving those wanting a base XL work truck with a smaller price tag.

2017 Ford Super Duty

2017 Ford Super Duty High Resolution Exterior
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