• The New Lamborghini Miura II Hasn’t Gone Over Well With Volkswagen

Have you ever wrote a paper that you thought was just brilliant and proceeded to hand it in to your teacher, professor, or boss just so they could turn around and tell you they thought it was terrible? That really hurts doesn’t it?

Well, Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia, also known as John Ferci, had that exact thing happen to him. The designer who works for Lamborghini Latinoamerica SA just created the new Miura II, and even though we think it looks pretty good, the big bosses at the Volkswagen Group thought otherwise.

The design follows the Altar and the Coatl, which came from the same manufacturer who had an agreement with Lamborghini in 1995. Turns out, the current owner of the company, Volkswagen, aren’t too fond of those last two designers, so we can only imagine their distaste for the new Miura II.

Still, we like it, just like we like the other two. After all, Lamborghinis are about flash and gaudy looks, right?


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  (11) posted on 10.19.2010

It looks hideously ugly, the guys at volkswagen are right!

  (206) posted on 10.18.2010

Ugly as hell. What happened to the old Muira concept. It at least looked like the Muira. This looks like Predator through up. Nothing like the original Muira.

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