Every man who has ever seen Mad Men will attest that it’s one of the best shows on TV today. Lincoln seems to think so too because why else would they tap John Slattery – aka Roger Sterling – to be the man to promote their brand’s refreshed line-up.

Automakers seem to have had a deep-lying affinity for the show with Mercedes-Benz recently signing John Hamm – he’s Don Draper in the show, by the way – to be their new voice over for their commercials.

The Lincoln commercial for the 2011 MKX promotes the car’s unparalleled attention to its technology, with Slattery even saying that “no other anything in the world has it.”

And with the campaign’s tag line of “Smarter than Luxury”, it fits right in with Slattery’s character in Mad Men, Roger Sterling. Really, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more ideal pitchman for Lincoln than John Slattery, a man the company says fits in to their brand for his "authentic, real-world appeal."

Now, care to venture a guess as to what auto brand will try to get Robert Morse to work with them?

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Lincoln is debuting a new ad campaign called "Smarter Than Luxury," featuring a new look and feel, designed to shine a spotlight on the technology and craftsmanship that differentiates the new Lincoln product
Actor John Slattery will appear in the new Lincoln ads set to launch Saturday on NBC during the Ryder Cup golf tournament
The launch of a print ad campaign will coincide with the TV ads, with both featuring the 2011 Lincoln MKX and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, designed to evoke emotion and challenge customer perceptions of luxury Television Ads
Lincoln is debuting a new ad campaign called "Smarter Than Luxury"

Dearborn, Mich., Sept. 30, 2010 – The Lincoln brand is unveiling a new ad campaign, the latest step in creating a look that demonstrates to customers they are getting more than just luxury with a Lincoln product. When the "Smarter Than Luxury" campaign debuts on Saturday, customers will know they are looking at a brand with even more exciting products and technologies that are now arriving in Lincoln showrooms.

"This campaign shows that Lincoln offers a heightened sense of style, craftsmanship and technology and we’re showing that off in a new way for this brand," said Matt VanDyke, Ford director of U.S. Marketing Communications. "We’re going to challenge people’s perceptions of luxury and show that we deliver more technology and luxury for an unexpected amount of content for the price."

The TV ads feature the latest Lincoln vehicles – 2011 Lincoln MKX and MKZ Hybrid – along with actor John Slattery. Alternating between beauty shots of the vehicle and Slattery, the 30-second spots give viewers a knowing perspective of the vehicle.

In the ads, which begin airing Saturday during the Ryder Cup golf tournament on NBC, Slattery is shown walking around, driving and interacting with the car, all while his voice-over plays – giving a wink and a nod to the important things he finds along the way.

"We chose John for his authentic, real-world appeal," said Connie Fontaine, Lincoln communications manager. "He was the ideal choice to credibly talk to consumers about the appeal for the newest Lincoln vehicles."

One ad tells the story behind the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan on the market. Ads also put several technologies in focus, such as MyLincoln Touch™ driver connect technology, which comes standard in Lincoln MKX.

Even the Lincoln logo has its moment, as the star deconstructs itself and evolves into words, then reconstructs itself as the ad comes to a close.

The new print ads also highlight the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Lincoln MKX and are designed to create a sense of curiosity about the new vehicles. The ads feature such phrases as "Not born yesterday" and "Nobody’s fool." Additional copy challenges the reader to think differently about Lincoln and to learn more at www.lincoln.com, where videos are available featuring experts explaining what sets Lincoln technology and luxury apart from the competition.

"This is a nod to the new way we’re going to market with Lincoln," said Fontaine. "We will focus on getting customers behind the wheel to experience the brand, and this campaign is just the beginning."

The road ahead
Lincoln will expand its brand lineup with seven all-new or significantly refreshed vehicles in the next four years as part of an aggressive growth plan focused on standout product design, class-leading technology and new powertrains.

Lincoln will be led by expanded product development and marketing, sales and service teams to support the brand’s growth plan and ensure it has a strong cadence of distinct products that are well positioned in the market. Plans for Lincoln include:

Lincoln’s first-ever small luxury vehicle in the C-segment
New Lincoln-exclusive powertrains, including an all-new V6 engine and advanced fuel-efficient transmissions
EcoBoost™ engines available in all Lincolns – from the Navigator full-size SUV to the new C-segment vehicle
Fuel economy leadership with each new vehicle – leading to Lincoln emerging as the most fuel-efficient luxury lineup on the market
More useful technology and features than any other competitor, with a special focus on comfort and convenience. New advanced features include fully retractable glass roofs; adaptive, computer-controlled suspensions; electronic, push-button gear selectors; active noise control; and exclusive MyLincoln Touch driver connect technology
Lincoln hallmarks will be refined and modern design, the most fuel-efficient premium powertrains and industry-leading technology that create a unique driver experience both in the cabin and on the road.

Source: Ford

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  (442) posted on 07.6.2011

Well I guess the car speaks for itself right? Just look at its performance and features, you can easily get hooked and praise this one.

  (477) posted on 04.5.2011

I don’t think that there must to be excited on this car. IMO, this car is one of those production that needs to be kill or donate in the museum!

  (762) posted on 02.2.2011

This car is really cool! My Daddy has a Bentley but this blows it away! but they’re still all based on the Mazda6 platform, so the question still is the bulk of the engineering done? Just curious.

  (453) posted on 02.2.2011

I have seen information on this new CUV on several different sites; some say it will have a 3.5 litre 6 cylinder and others say the 4.4 liter 8 cylinder (presumably the Yamaha engine currently in the Volvo XC90 for the Ford group).

  (434) posted on 12.8.2010

I am 47 and my next car will be a Lincoln. While I am not a huge fan of the split wing grille...it seems to work best on the MKZ which is ironically, the car I am interested in.....after I get transferred back home as a result of my promotion....

  (702) posted on 12.8.2010

Showing off a new technology is really a huge challenge to all manufacturers. Each of them must deliver their craftmanship into a worldwide perception of every man’s car. Luxurious, yes, always to consider but its more of the enhancements and efficiency.

  (765) posted on 11.9.2010

the way he said all those lines..it so cool!!

  (831) posted on 10.11.2010

Lincoln can be a better brand,

  (677) posted on 10.10.2010

These cars are functional, economic and are incredibly profitable. These little cars sell solid in South America and Europe. It’s finally starting to catch on in America. The car is a ten for all intents and purpose, which is why Ford is the only auto company here who isn’t leeching off the government bail out.

  (702) posted on 10.6.2010

how come under "Modern Lincoln Design", chrome is mentioned like 20 times? chrome is modern, hmm. i guess it’s better than some kind of new gold chrome.

  (939) posted on 10.6.2010

Agreed, Lincoln can be a better brand, Ford is just too busy on their main lineup to focus on Lincoln. And as much as I love Ford, I hate they screw over Lincoln like they did Mercury, which devastated me when I heard Mercury was closing its doors a while back.

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