No, actually it’s not the grille, but the trend of bulking up cars from one generation to another

When it’s not concocting videos of synthetically added Lamborghini V-10 sounds to its M2 sports car, BMW is hard at work educating the public on the new M3 and M4 performance brothers.

In a recent video posted by BMW M on YouTube, we get to find out that the current M4 fitted with a manual is heavier than the previous M4 fitted with the dual-clutch transmission.

The New Manual M4 Is Heavier, And We Blame That Ungodly Grille Exterior Wallpaper quality
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We’re cutting it to the chase. Halfway through, the video - which also addresses M3 and M4 performance-related topics - touches on the M4’s weight. This is where BMW tries to look at the bigger picture by using the previous-gen F82 BMW M4 in Competition trim fitted with the DCT, which empty but with a full tank weighs 1,640 kilos (3,616 pounds).

The previous-gen M4 is then compared to a current-gen model fitted with the six-speed manual. As before, the car in question is empty but has a full tank and it tips the scales at 1,674 kilos (3,691 pounds). Simple math then tells us the previous gen M4 with the double-clutch gearbox is 34 kilos (75 pounds) lighter than the manual version of the outgoing model.

The New Manual M4 Is Heavier, And We Blame That Ungodly Grille Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Should fans and prospective customers be worried, then? Well, not really. The previous M4 Competition made 444 horsepower. The new model, without the Competition badge, is good for 473 horsepower, so the weight gap is easily rendered irrelevant. Plus, the new 2021 BMW M4 Competition makes 503 horsepower, so even less, if any reasons to fret.

What’s more, the difference in weight is virtually impossible to spot during daily driving. Sure, it would count a lot in a race car or in a lap record attempt on the Nurburgring Nordschleife, for example, but for the average user, it makes very little to no impact.

The New Manual M4 Is Heavier, And We Blame That Ungodly Grille Exterior Wallpaper quality
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Given that the M3 and the M4 are larger than the models they replace, the extra fat on the waist is both explainable and acceptable. After all, BMW made sure to remedy the fattening with the good ol’ extra dose of oomph.

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