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The New Mercedes SL’s Interior Is Clearly Inspired by Jar Jar Binks

If you buy the 2022 Mercedes SL you will be riding with Star Wars Royalty Jar Jar Binks himself

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Mercedes is slowly “undressing” the next-generation SL and by now we have a pretty good idea of how it would look when it finally comes out. We also know that it’s the first SL, developed by AMG, alongside their AMG GT model, so it will be, by far, the sportiest interpretation of the model yet. Something else we recently found out about the German gran tourer is how the interior looks and, it appears, the interior designers, although they’ve done a great job, may have watched a bit too much Star Wars.

The New Mercedes SL's Interior Is Clearly Inspired by Jar Jar Binks
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The 2022 Mercedes SL finally revealed its interior and there are a few surprises

Back when we got spy footage of the SL, we managed to make out some bits and pieces from the interior. It was the S-Class interior, but interpreted in a more classic style. This is especially true when we talk about the digital gauge cluster, which is reminiscent of the previous-generation Mercedes models.

While the interior, in true Mercedes tradition, is highly finished and luxurious, we want to talk about the center console.

The big infotainment touchscreen has an adjustable angle, but more importantly, those of us who are into Star Wars, find striking similarities with one of the most hated characters from the saga.

The two air vents flanking the touchscreen, together with the sloping center console and joystick make it look like Jar Jar Binks himself. We wouldn’t be surprised if, upon starting the engine, the 2022 Mercedes SL greets you with “Mesa your humble servant”.

Maybe Mercedes would offer a Jar Jar Binks voice pack for the car’s personal assistant. Imagine, breaking down and your German luxury roadster tells you “Mesa stay here”. It could be worse. Imagine your GPS automatically redirecting you to the nearest swamp, thinking it’s the underwater Gungan city. Yousa be very disappointed…and wet.

The New Mercedes SL's Interior Is Clearly Inspired by Jar Jar Binks
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As it literally looks like Jar Jar Binks who is happy to see you

In any case, despite the resemblance, the interior still looks like a great place to spend hundreds of miles in. Let mesa knows what yousa thinks of the interior, okee day?

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