This afternoon, Mercedes invited a handful of automotive journalist to a little gathering in Miami Beach to introduce the new AMG SL 63..

As you already know, the new SL received a facelift and a big 6.3L 525HP engine. The exterior appearance is mostly the same as the old SL except for new head and tail lights, a much more angular front facia with a taler grille and some nice side vents. The new SL63 will be available as of May 1st 2008, for a mere $132,000.

The most important update in the new SL is the ’Speedshift MCT’ seven-speed transmission, replacing the conventional torque converter for dual wet clutch plates controlled electronically. A knob allows you to decide how fast you want to change gears. But with this system you are supposed to get the best of both worlds. Ultra smooth gear changes as only an automatic gear box can do, but also lightning fast shifting as only the sequentially activated manual gearbox can provide.

As we believe that driving a non manual gear box is just evil, we can’t wait to put our hands on the new SL!

Click the following link for more information about the new Mercedes SL 63 AMG.

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  (1024) posted on 04.24.2008

Don’t care what the f**k you call it. That is just a spottronic transmission with a stick at the end which just makes it look like Audi’s Triptronic. And its not ground breaking tecnology either.

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