The New Pirelli PZero Disk O Timepiece Products
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In our list of the best auto related timepieces, we usually pick out Swiss made pieces with automatic movements and fine craftsmanship. This new Pirelli PZero Disk_O fails to meet any of those requirements, but it does look quite nice.

Basically, due to their expertise in brakes, the watch looks like a disc brake and caliper. The aluminum bezel rotates around the watch, but the caliper stays still, giving off the impression of an actual brake. The caliper itself is used to control the chronograph and can be had in many different colors, including red, yellow, black, or steel gray. We like red, as it gives the Pirelli PZero Disk_O a nice overall appearance, where as gray and black would just blend in.

The band on this watch is rubber, but did you expect anything else from a company that deals with tires? Unlike previous watch straps from Pirelli that were based on rain or vintage tires, this model’s rubber is based on racing slicks.


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