The Trident Iceni is a bespoke two-seater sports car - more exclusive than prestige cars available now, with innovations throughout. The configuration of the car is traditional front engine, rear wheel drive like the latest Aston Martins and Ferraris.

The fully folded stainless steel chassis forms a complete safety cell around the occupants against front and side impact . With its unique central spine rollover protection, it has been tested and proven to have the highest torsional rigidity (17000lb/ft per degree) of any car tested - it is also guaranteed for life against corrosion.

The engine is sourced from GM, a 6.6l V8 turbo diesel. Its location, although in the front, is behind the centre line of the front axle, making its position more mid-engine than front engine. The power supplied is in excess of 375 bhp at 3100 rpm, whilst its torque in excess of 520lb/ft at 1800 rpm gives us an extremely easy car to drive with low engine speed (maximum 4500 revs) and it will last for up to 250,000 miles.

The most significant innovation lies in the gearbox which is located in the rear of the car. It’s an 8-speed automatic, controlled by paddle shifts behind the steering wheel. This enables the car to make full use of its huge torque by keeping the engine operating within its peak performance band. Computer calculations have been made suggesting a top speed of 230 mph, 0-60mph in under 4 seconds and at 56 mph, fuel consumption in excess of 50 mpg (equates to 400 revs per minutes in 8th gear). A fuel capacity of 100 litres, gives a range of approximately 1000 miles! The front and rear suspension is forged aluminium with power assisted steering.

Further innovations include a fixed seat position with electrically adjustable pedal box and steering column and four oculight removable roof panels.

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