The Next-Gen 2025 BMW M5 Goes Hybrid, And It’s A Good Thing

Electrification means that the BMW M5 can hang onto its legendary V-8 a little bit longer

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Ever since the BMW M5 was launched back in 1998 it was always defined by its driving dynamic and powerful engine. It started with a straight-six engine and continued with either V-8 or V-10, but no matter what, it always had a lot of power under the hood. The most powerful version is of course the current generation M5, with no less than 591 horses from a brutal V-8

The seventh generation M5 will take a completely different approach: it will be hybrid! That should come as no surprise to anyone as most makers are trying to electrify their lineup, and it has been the subject of speculation for a while. Now, however, BMW M Workshop Manager, Hans Rahn, has confirmed the next M5 will be a hybrid.

The Next-Gen 2025 BMW M5 Goes Hybrid, And It's A Good Thing Exterior Spyshots
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Rumors about the next M5 being hybrid date back to 2020 when U.K.’s Car Magazine announced the next M5 will most likely be the first M vehicle to be electrified. Now those rumors were confirmed by BMW M workshop manager Hans Rahn during a media press conference at the BMW M headquarters in Garching, Germany. He said that the next M5 will have a "plug-in hybrid" powertrain paired to a "twin-turbo V8."

This announcement confirmed yet another rumor that claimed the next M5 will share its mechanicals with the forthcoming XM. The official debut of the next M5 won’t happen until 2024, which coincides with the M5’s 40-year anniversary, and means there is still a lot of time for speculation. At this point, however, it is believed the final output will be in the 640 - 740 horsepower range. Most likely the highest numbers will be seen in the Competition version thanks to an ‘overboost’ function. No mater what, the next M5 will be a lot more powerful than the current generation. Also, it will shake the competition to the core. Think about the fact that the next Mercedes-AMG E63 is rumored to deliver “only” 643 horsepower. The next M5 will also have a pure-electric range of about 80 kilometers (roughly 50 miles).

The Next-Gen 2025 BMW M5 Goes Hybrid, And It's A Good Thing Exterior Spyshots
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No matter what, the fact that the next M5 will be hybrid is a good thing. This means the V-8 will get to live on for a while, as hybridization will keep both emissions and fuel consumption in check. At the same time, it will give BMW time to prepare for the all-electric M5 that will come sometime after 2030.

Source: WhichCar

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