• The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Break Cover in April 2023

National Mustang Day next year would be a fitting date to debut the iconic American muscle car’s seventh iteration

You’ve heard the rumors, seen the spy shots, and have probably come across a bunch of renders of the next-gen Mustang already. Known internally as the S650, expect the 2024 Mustang to make its debut in April next year. CarAndDriver anticipates that the blue oval will debut the seventh-gen model at its 60th Anniversary, down to the exact date: April 17th. Known as the National Mustang Day, this date would be ideal to unveil an all-new generation of the Pony car. It was on April the 17th, 1964 that the original Ford Mustang was unveiled for the very first time at the New York World’s Fair.


The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Break Cover in April 2023 High Resolution Exterior
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The Mustang name is iconic. It birthed a new body style, the ’Muscle car.’ This movement transformed the automotive landscape for good, and it did not only create some of the fiercest rivalries but was also responsible for some of the strongest friendships. This is automotive Nirvana. Now, for the first time in six decades, the Mustang is set to undergo some of the most radical changes ever.


As you can see, on the design front, the upcoming Mustang is more evolution than revolution. Judging by the buzz that this spy shot created on the web, I can conclude that most Mustang fans aren’t really digging this new face. Bembli for example, a.k.a Sketch Monkey added that the Mustang is going global, and in order to appeal to a wider audience, the new design will be more sports car than muscle car.

But, whichever way you put it, the silhouette and basic form are through and through, true-blue Mustang. The big changes are most likely expected on the inside. A well-appointed sporty cabin and big screens are a no-brainer at this point in time.


The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Break Cover in April 2023
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The application was originally filed by Ford Global Technologies for a “Twin Motor Drive System For Hybrid Electric Vehicle,” and outlines “methods and systems” for a “hybrid electric vehicle including a front-wheel-drive system and a rear-wheel-drive system.”

The biggest changes on the next Mustang will happen under the skin. Set to be underpinned by Ford’s new modular platform, the seventh-gen Mustang will - for the very first time - likely gain AWD and a hybrid system. However what still remains unclear is whether it’ll be a mild hybrid or a plug-in hybrid.

This comes in the light of a patent filing from all the way back in July 2017. Expect the 2.3-liter in-line four-cylinder EcoBoost with 320 horsepower to be carried over, whereas the 5.0-liter V-8 Coyote punching 450 ponies could be the primary candidate to gain the hybrid tech. A six-speed manual and 10-speed auto could also likely make a return, though implementation of the hybrid system could mean living without the six-speed manual.

Next Chapter In The Mustang Story

The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Break Cover in April 2023
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With the dawn of the EV age, it appears that Ford is all set to embrace this change, perhaps with a hybrid Mustang being the very first step. An all-electric ’Stang seems like the obvious next step and to showcase its potential, Ford has already unleashed the Cobra-Jet 1400 EV on the drag strip, and boy, is it lethal!

The Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Break Cover in April 2023 Exterior
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Source: Car & Driver

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