• The Next-Gen Subaru WRX Launches for the 2022 Model Year

  • Pricing is yet to be disclosed, but expect the high performance STI model to cost $40,000. It could go on sale by the end of this year

The next chapter in the WRX story is about to begin. 2022 model to debut soon

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Have you been eagerly awaiting the next Subaru WRX? Well, you won’t be waiting much longer, as the Japanese automaker said yesterday that a new one will be offered before the end of the year. They’re continuing the legendary WRX badge for the four-wheel-drive sports sedan based on the Impreza.

The Next-Gen Subaru WRX Launches for the 2022 Model Year
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An image published by Subaru on their website depicts the car’s profile, which is comparable to the prototype that was seen testing last year. There’s the typical four-door design and a large hood scoop that’s useful for delivering extra air to the turbo, but there’s not much else to it. The powerful STI model will almost certainly include more aggressive exterior components, such as a bigger rear wing.

It appears that the new design will not deviate too much from the key aspects of the existing WRX. 

The current-generation super sedans have been on the market since 2014, and Subaru hasn’t really changed the STI, much since then, except for minor tweaks every other year. A new model was imminent and is long overdue.

Subaru has dubbed the corner-craver "the next rally icon." That’s a lot of hope for a company that left the World Rally Championship at the end of the recession about a decade ago. Subaru is obviously eager to embrace it’s Rally heritage here.

The Next-Gen Subaru WRX Launches for the 2022 Model Year
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Just so you know, the company has three constructors titles. However, the company is now more focused on electrification than rallying. Regardless, Subaru is bringing it back and the future model will be built on the fifth-generation Impreza’s SGP (Subaru Global Platform).

We don’t have many details about the performance of the upcoming WRX at this moment. Previously, there were rumors that the next WRX and WRX STI models would be hybrids, but now there is more clear evidence that both vehicles will have a turbocharged 2.4liter FA24 boxer engine.

This exact unit is already offered in other Subaru models, such as the Outback, Ascent and Legacy. It produces 264 hp in the aforementioned vehicles, however, that figure will almost certainly increase for the WRX.

The WRX STI is rumored to have almost 400 "horses" vs the current model's 300.
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Rally-inspired sport-compacts are on their way out. Following the demise of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo several years ago, as well as the more recent departure of the Ford Focus RS, the next-generation Subaru WRX attempts to revive interest in this enthusiast-focused space. They are the last remaining options for World Rally Championship fans.

Pricing for the base WRX is expected to start at around $30,000, with the sportier STI model to be priced at around $40,000. The exact premiere date is still yet to be announced, however, the car will most likely make its debut via Livestream online. The sport sedan could be available at a Subaru dealership near you as early as the end of the year.

Source: Subaru

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