• The Nissan 400Z Might Not Arrive Until 2023

Nissan Could Be Changing Its Plans for the 400Z

This year has been beyond turbulent, and right at the apex of all the drama, we Nissan filed a new trademark that hinted the 400Z would be coming soon. Then, two months later, it was suggested that both the Nissan Z and GT-R could be killed off to keep Nissan afloat A few days later, Nissan put out a trailer to showcase its range of new models and, thanks to that, we learned that the 400Z was, in fact, happening and would feature a lot of throwback styling cues. We later learned that the 400Z won’t only feature throwback styling cues, but will, essentially, be a reskinned and retuned 370Z – it will even ride on the same platform. Now, despite the fact that we’ve been promised that the 400Z would be revealed soon, it looks like “soon” has a different definition to Nissan.

Looks Like the Nissan 400Z Will Be a 2023 Model

A new report from AutoExpress claims that, despite Nissan’s plan to launch 12 models by the end of 2021, the 400Z won’t arrive until late 2020 as a 2023 model. This news seems quite off considering Nissan has already teased the 400Z in the aforementioned teaser video and even announced that it was "very close" to being revealed.

Add in the fact that Nissan is using the same old platform with some minor hardware changes and the rumors that the engine is believed to be carried over with other minor modifications; one can't help but wonder what the hell is taking so long.
The Nissan 400Z Might Not Arrive Until 2023
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There has been no shortage of speculation and rumors, the most prominent being that the 400Z will be available with up to 400 horsepower in Nismo form. That engine, however, is said to be a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo, V-6 that’s borrowed from the Infiniti Q60, so there’s no real development happening in that regard, either, with the exception of how to mount it to the 370Z’s old platform. We do know that the 400Z won’t be electrified because Nissan is nowhere near ready to make that transition as the tech just isn’t ready for sports cars quite yet.

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With all of that said, I’m wondering if Nissan is delaying the 400Z because it wants to change more than previously expected.

There's no denying that the old platform left a sour taste in everyone's mouth, so Nissan could have decided that it's better to delay two more years and do the 370Z's successor the right way.

Then again, it could simply be because the company is struggling amid the COVID pandemic. Eventually, we’ll find out; we’ll just have to wait a couple more years for that to happen.

Source: Auto Express

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