The Nissan Ariya Concept Is A Road-Going Formula E Car

This all-electric single-seater concept from the Japanese automaker has the ingredients of a perfect track weapon

Is it possible to use an all-electric motor from a road car in a single-seater racing car? Well, Nissan thinks it is. It’s just been a few days now since Nissan revealed four electric concept vehicles in one swoop. They’re back, once again with the Ariya Single Seater Concept. The car seeks to explore the future of performance with electric power.


The Nissan Ariya Concept Is A Road-Going Formula E Car
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Say hello to the Nissan Ariya Single seater concept

Now, the Japanese Automaker is very enthusiastic about its upcoming electric SUV, i.e the Ariya. To demonstrate this, the Japanese automaker has developed the Single Seater Concept.

This is an "Exploration Project" as defined by the brand and the car employs the very same battery-powered propulsion system as found on the upcoming Ariya crossover, which is set to hit dealerships next year.

Exterior Design

The Nissan Ariya Concept Is A Road-Going Formula E Car
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For instance, you’ll find the same illuminated V-Shaped front facia

The Single Seater Concept, which debuted at Nissan Futures, incorporates several elements of the Ariya, including attributes of its exterior design. According to the Japanese, the ’regular’ Nissan Ariya, with its characteristic illuminated V-shaped nose, also served as an influence for the design.

Even the stunning copper-bronze color seen on the crossover has made it to this concept. The silhouette is complemented by flowing carbon fiber surfaces. The end result should serve as the basis for Nissan’s future performance EV design language.

"Nissan is committed to Formula E not only to race on the track but also to support the development of attractive electric vehicles for customers," says Tommaso Volpe, head of Nissan Motorsport.


The Nissan Ariya Concept Is A Road-Going Formula E Car
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This concept from Nissan, not only borrows the name from the upcoming crossover but also its design and underpinnings

A 2-motor electric system along with the e-4ORCE traction system, and also numerous technologies inherited from the brand’s Formula E single-seaters, are hidden beneath the bespoke bodywork.

So you’re looking at a one-seat, four-wheel-drive track weapon with roughly 400 horsepower. Exciting, especially when you consider that a contemporary Formula E car has a maximum power output of 335 horsepower.


The Nissan Ariya Concept Is A Road-Going Formula E Car
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Nissan says that this is just an Exploration project for now and they want to demonstrate the capability of their electric powertrain with the concept

With this single-seater, Nissan wants to portray to the rest of the globe that racing with electric power can be enjoyable and thrilling. As a result, Nissan’s engagement in Formula E has also influenced this concept to a great extend.

Now it’s quite improbable that the Ariya Single Seater Concept will ever see the light of day, however, the image of an SUV-based racer lining up next to you on the grid sure must spur excitement.

You can watch the Nissan Ariya Concept - A Road-Going Formula E Car in action in the video below

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Nissan revealed today its exciting new Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept – a high-performance exploration, development and demonstration project of how the all-electric Nissan Ariya road car powertrain could be used in a bespoke single seater racing car chassis.

The concept was presented at the Nissan Futures event by Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan senior vice president for global design, and Juan Manuel Hoyos, Nissan global marketing divisional general manager for brand and engagement.

“We are delighted to present the Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept from our Nissan Futures event,” said Hoyos. “At Nissan, we dare to do what others don’t. With this concept we want to showcase the high-performance potential of the Ariya’s powertrain in a motorsports-inspired package that not only hints at the design and styling of the road car that inspired it, but that also demonstrates a new and efficient EV performance language. Acting as a testbed for future technological evolution, this project can help bring excitement from the road to the race track, and also demonstrate Nissan’s expertise in transferring knowledge and technology from the race track to the road.”

The Ariya Single Seater Concept explores what a future electrified performance style for Nissan could look like.

Albaisa said: “As we began to shape our Nissan Ambition 2030 long-term vision, we continued to build on our Timeless Japanese Futurism design language. We are now drawing inspiration from the Japanese words shun, meaning to run fast and effortlessly, and sho, meaning to soar with power and grace. The Ariya Single Seater Concept is the perfect expression of this new language. Leveraging the Ariya’s EV powertrain in a motorsports-inspired package allowed our international team to capture this new sense of speed, technology and artistry.”

Design cues from the all-new Nissan Ariya all-electric SUV can be seen across the Ariya Single Seater Concept. At the front of the vehicle is the electrified and illuminated “V” motion, familiar from Nissan’s current road car design language. At the side view, inspiration has been taken from the Ariya’s fluid and efficient surfaces, exaggerated to a maximum in carbon fiber. Overall, the Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept describes a form that, as with the Ariya, looks like it was shaped by the air itself.

Nissan’s participation in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship also played a key role in inspiring the Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept. Nissan races in the all-electric world championship to bring the excitement and fun of zero-emission electric vehicles to a global audience, and to be at the cutting edge of EV research and design.

“Nissan competes in Formula E not only to race on track, but also to support the development of compelling electric vehicles for customers,” said Tommaso Volpe, Nissan global motorsports director. “Our EV programs inform our Formula E program and vice versa, allowing for road-to-track technology transfer as well as track-to-road. The Nissan Ariya Single Seater Concept explores the combination of the all-electric powertrain, dual motors and revolutionary all-wheel drive system of the Ariya with a pure single seat racing chassis - a powerful demonstration of just how thrilling electric vehicles could be.”

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